Are you game for game?

Spend the most of Thursday preparing for the great feast that was scheduled for Thursday evening. That is, doing dishes after people eating over Wednesday, preparing the dinner for the evening, cleaning up, taking care of my laundry and stuff.. Egh! At 4:30, Zascha and Tina showed up and gave me a lift to a meeting down at the Student House. This meeting lasted for jus over an hour and a lot of different things were discussed regarding the house, our future and what have you.

As soon as the meeting was over, I dashed home, turned on the oven and got started on dinner. Zascha, Tina and Christian showed up shortly after and joined me in the kitchen, making things a more bit more interesting. Zascha’s mother had kindly donated some different cuts of venison for our feast, so we were quite blessed in terms of what we were eating.. Not a lot of poor students eat venison on a Thursday evening, do they? 😉 Either way, save a few minor issues, the food turned out awesome and pretty much all of us had a hard time walking afterwards.. Which resulted in a lot of sitting around, sipping wine, talking and listening to music.. Not too shabby an evening!

At around 10:30, we headed for the Student House where people were gathered for a bit of drinking, painting and other social activities. Yes, alcohol and paint fumes.. You’d be hard pressed to find a better combo in terms of getting light-headed! At the house, we ran into Dunkel, GALE Mads, Robert, Mette, Rikke as well as the the usual crowd. Mads, of course, was more or less passed out drunk when we got there, but we did have a blast with the others. I got to talk a bit to Tore, one of the Design School students, who was highly fascinated to know that I knew some punk music, and actually played some Misfits and Ramones stuff for me as well as some of his own compositions. I also had a rather long talk with Tina trying to explain to her the heads and tails of my fucked up family life. Err.. Let’s never do that again!

In more interesting news, I also got to explain Tore the way of the Mads.. Tore, looking at Mads and seeing him slumping in his chair evidently thought that there was something very wrong with him, I could only tell him that this was pretty much just Mads’ usual behavior at this time of the night. I also got to talk to someone’s 17 year-old little brother who had apparently been helping out and had stayed behind for a few beers and ended up drunk to a point where he was eating the aluminum foil from someone’s late night kebab for tricks and jumping around frantically to anything resembling a punk rhythm.. Ah yes, the kids are our future, indeed!

At some point of the evening, we decided to move on. As we were leaving, my new 17 year-old friend handed me a stack of CDs saying that hey, he’d better give these back. I whole heartedly agreed, scolded him for a bit and put our CDs back in place before we went out the door.. Geeze, the kids of today! Christian and I (evidently) walked Zascha home before heading home ourselves, turning on the stove, cooking a bit of a late night snack and opening a few beers which were consumed while listening to Metallica.. And KoRn.. I think? Hmm.. Damn paint fumes.. I wholeheartedly blame them for not being able to remember the details! 😉


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