Sing For The Moment

Blatantly stole this from Penny’s blog, and changed the answers to match my warped, little mind.. Not as easy as it looks 😉

01 .:. a song from your early childhood:

Europe – The Final Countdown

02 .:. a song that you connect with your (first) big love :

Queen – Too Much Love Will Kill You

03 .:. a song that reminds you of (a special) vacation.

Foo Fighters – Times Like These

04 .:. a song that you are bit ashamed to tell that you like it:

My Chemical Romance – Welcome To The Black Parade

05 .:. a song for lovesickness :

Opeth – A Fair Judgement

06 .:. a song that you have probably heard the most in your life:

Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills

07 .:. your favourite instrumental.

Metallica – The Call of Ktulu

08 .:. a song representing your favourite band.

Currently: Volbeat – Rebel Monster / All-time favorite band: Metallica – Whiplash

09 .:. a song in that you find yourself or feel understood.

Harry Chapin – Cats In The Cradle

10 .:. a song that reminds you of a certain event (and what it was).

Volbeat – Sweet Caroline (Getting pulled backstage at the 3/3 gig in Kolding)

11 .:. favourite rap/hiphop song.

Snoop Dogg feat. Dr. DRE – The Next Episode (DAPPEDAPPEDAP!)

12 .:. a song you can relax to.

Stone sour – Zzyxz Road

13 .:. a song representing a very good time in your life.

Alter Bridge – Metalingus

14 .:. favourite song at the moment.

Black Label Society – In This River

15 .:. a song you’d dedicate to your best friend.

Queen – Friends Will Be Friends

16 .:. a song that nobody (except you) wants to hear.

Arch Enemy – We Will Rise

17 .:. a song you really like because of its lyrics.

Volbeat – Something Else Or…

18 .:. a song you like that’s not in your language nor in english.

Die Toten Hosen – Unsterblich

19 .:. a song to let agression out.

Slayer – Disciple

20 .:. a song that should be played on your funeral:

Gasolin – This Is My Life

Special Track

21 .:. a song that you’d say is one of the best of all times.

Deep Purple – Soldier Of Fortune


4 responses to “Sing For The Moment

  1. Excellent choices my friend 🙂
    (except My Chemical Romance.. ugh) =P


  2. Yea, I know.. Heh.. Starting to feel like a bit of an emo bitch myself.. 😉

    And yea, Queen

  3. Nice work! (emo bitch!)

    I liked the last MCR record, but the new one is not even close..

    Queen – will live on in our heats!

  4. Heh, I haven’t even heard the album, I just like the song for some reason.. I probably spend too much time in the Uboat 😉

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