(the S is for spontaneous)

After a rather wild Thursday evening, Christian and I actually woke pretty early on Friday.. I, for one, was feeling pretty okay, Christian, on the other hand, was complaining a bit about a nasty headache 😉 I’d arranged to meet up with Zascha and Martin from the Student House at uni at 1:30, so I left early to in order to grab a bit to eat on the way.

We (that is the students from SDU) had been invited to come visit another school in the area and take part in their Friday afternoon bar (seeing as our beloved Uboat is still under renovation), and we’d in turn arranged to show up and spread the word about the Student House and where we’re trying to go with it. So anyways, I met up with Martin and Zascha at uni, we grabbed a few posters and went on our way. Zascha was nice enough to offer us a ride, but had other plans which left Martin and I wandering around a strange campus for about 15 minutes, trying to find our way and hanging posters here and there. We finally heard the sound of loud pop music, and figured we were on the right track.

Upon the entering the premises, we were greeted by my old friend, Michael, and a bunch of his fellow (drunken) students. There weren’t a lot of people around, but the place seemed pretty cosy and we had a pretty good time walking around and trying to talk a bit with people about who we were and what we did. People didn’t seem too interested, but we managed to get a few contacts and are planning to launch an even broader attack next Friday.. Stay tuned! 😉 Eventually we were joined by Jakob, Zascha and Tina and another old friend of mine, Majbrit, and we generally had a good, old time.

When it was about time to leave, I arranged with Majbrit to go with her and bother her boyfriend, Kenneth for a while. He seemed happy to see me and of course offered me a beer the moment I stepped in the door. I accepted and we started making plans for dinner as well. None of us really felt like cooking, so we settled for some ready-made Chicken Tikka Masala stuff.. Or that is, we agreed to settle until we came to talking about how ready-made stuff generally sucks and how it’d be a lot more satisfying to eat out. When asked for a quality Indian restaurant, we were all hard pressed to come up with any options, until Kenneth remembered that there was a pretty good one close to where he works.. The only problem with this was that Kenneth works in Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, located some 100 KMs north of our current position.

We’d be mad to go, right? Well, mad we are! We started up the car, piled into it, set course for the motorway and raced towards restaurant Pearl of India in Aarhus! After about an hour of blasting Metallica and speeding almost half-way through the country, we arrived in beautiful downtown Aarhus. The time had now passed 8 PM, so we quickly made our way through the empty streets to the restaurant and got our hands on the menu, ordered, ate, paid the bill and then strolled slowly back to our car and drove back home. I can honestly say that the Tikka Masala was well worth the effort, it was actually one of the best Indian meals I’ve had in years, and the fact that we’d ended up driving 200+ KMs for it by the end of the day just added to the enjoyment of the meal.

We arrived back in Kolding at around 11 PM, and were rudely attacked by a bottle of whiskey which forced a generous amount of itself down our throats.. Sigh, what are a couple of boys to do? At the end of the day, I ended up semi-staggering home at around 2 AM after a few stiff whiskeys, a bit of jäger and a chaser.. Not really part of the plan, but hey.. Spontaneity  was the key word of the evening!


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