Who knows what dreams may come?

Yesterday was the day for my grandma’s examination at some private clinic. I didn’t really grow any wiser as we don’t have any results yet, but at least she was in good hands 🙂

I did pretty well at keeping it all out of my mind. Spend the day with Tina, putting a few hours into the student house and later having dinner and watching a movie at her place. Being the little geeks that we are, we even ended up playing PS2 till waaaay into the evening. Actually, I felt a little weirded out walking home at 0:30 in the evening, thinking to myself that the only reason I was making my way home at such a late hour (on a school day) was because I spent the last few hours of the evening getting my ass kicked in various video games by a damn girl! Hey, Tina, we need to play some more Sonic.. At least in that game, your ass is mine! 😛

On my way home, I stumbled upon one of the local drunks, who was busy staggering wildly from side to side, pointing his fingers at me telling me that I was a bad, bad electrician.. I could only agree, I probably would be a bad electrician, should I decide to try my hand at the trade.  I wrote Tina and Emelie a message saying something similar to this. Tina had a good laugh. Emelie, on the other hand wrote me back this morning saying that strangely enough, she’d had a dream at that very time in which I was apparently both an electrician and some sort of handyman. Apparently, in her dream, I dug an extra basement in our house and used it for a room to practice with my band (what band?!). I also gained a lot of weight, causing her to point and laugh..

Umm, I’m not saying I don’t enjoy the fact that girls dream about me at night.. But this is just a little too odd for my liking 😉

Err.. Oh right, I really should pay attention to my professor.. I am in class after all, so further updates will have to wait till tonight.. 😛


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