Thursday we opened up the student house to a bunch of our investors, partners, city representatives and potential sponsors. We had a nice, little presentation of the house, our plans and accomplishments, and a speeches by representatives from the city council and the local business life. Some contacts were made and people were generally interested in what we were doing – most importantly, we received great backing in our attempt to make some local VIPs step into the project and back us in our attempt to get a permanent liquor license – which spawned a standing ovation and cries of “Thank you!” from us humble students behind the house.

After the presentation, we offered a tour of the house and showed what we’d done so far in spicing things up and restoring the first floor bar area. People were generally interested and impressed, we even scored quite a few tips despite serving up beers and sodas for free 🙂

When all was said and done and the last guests had left the house, we went and got something to eat and drink and sat down to enjoy ourselves with a few beer, a great time was had by all and people ended up more or less drunk and happy, well some more than others (right, Rikke?). Martin, Tina and I also found out that we have a weird effect on eachother in that instead of getting drunk like the others, we spend most of our time running around, making paper hats, boat and airplanes, building a fort out of beanbag chairs and other crazy activities. It all went rather well until we decided to declare our fort a micro nation, build our own airforce (out of paper airplanes) and launch an attack at the others, at which point our fort was stormed by Tommy, Tom and others, who tore down the walls and piled up on our self-proclaimed dictator (i.e. me) and gave him a right beating.. So much for that glorious plan!

Incidentally, we had a lot of design students visiting for the first time when all of this happened.. They must’ve thought us pretty weird.. And probably rightfully so!

At around 0:45, Tina and I were really getting tired, so we decided to call it a night. I walked her home and afterwards walked myself home, crashed on my bed and slept for a good six hours.. Mmm, sleep!


4 responses to “THANK YOU!

  1. haha…I’m a bit ashamed of myself. was it that bad ?! well…I was supposed to keep my mind clear that night…but instead I ended up babble about a lot of things and make my kitchen look like there’d been a world war (I had to bake buns to the bus trip through sweden the next day). puuuuuh. hangovers and sitting in a bus is a bad combination!

  2. You were.. Uhh.. Babbling a bit.. 😉 And about keeping that head clear, it obviously didn’t work too well.. 😛 I probably could’ve told you by the end of the night that the bus trip wouldn’t be too pleasant.. You probably owe a bit of a thank you to Tina for actually talking you out of drinking those last few beers 😉

  3. haha.. yeah…I sure do. I’ll figure something out when I see her next time 🙂
    well.. the bus trip wasn’t so bad at all… I was awake all the way entertaining people (only got 1 and a half hour of sleep at home). Giving out cakes and buns to everyone. I sure talked a lot during that trip as well.. heh.

  4. Figures.. Heh.. I just have bad experiences with bus trips.. Or well, more like traumatic experiences.. But I suppose that’s because my only experience with bus trips was a 22 hour Greyhound trip trough the great Californian forest fires of ’03..

    I dunno, there’s just something mildly disturbing about clinging onto the born again Christian ex-junkie next to you while the driver’s babbling on the speakers about holding on as he’s about to attempt to force through before the fire jumps the highway.. But then, that’s just my usual luck.

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