A day of joy, a day of sadness

Friday was an odd day in many ways. A happy day as we celebrated the opening of the brand new Uboat, a sad day as it meant the end of many great traditions that we knew and loved about the old “boat.”

For Tina, Martin and I, the day started way too early. After a night of fun at the student house, we had to get up at 8 AM in order to present ourselves and our house at a morning meeting at another school at 10 AM.. Oh well, some things are worth fighting for and in addition to a few weird comments from spectators and loud praises of my Led Zeppelin t-shirt, we actually got a pretty good and positive reaction out of people.

We ate an early lunch at uni at about 11 AM and then went to help people with the final preparations for the 2 PM grand opening of the new and improved Uboat. Or, well, Tina and I sat around looking through some Men’s magazine, staring at scantly clad women for about an hour, then actually decided to get some work done. I’d gotten the news earlier that morning that my grandma had been hospitalized pending back surgery, so it felt good to get some work done to keep my mind off things. We worked pretty hard for a few hours, getting every last little thing done and then took part in the grand opening which involved giving away free sparkling wine (No, I’m sorry, Captains, I’m not about to call it champagne, it really wasn’t! 😉 ) and strawberries and helping ourselves to a few glasses of the sparkly stuff as well. Incidentally, while we were sipping our free “champagne”, Tina got the news that her friend Robert had been assaulted on his way home from downtown the night before and was under observation at the local hospital.. So yea.. Quite a lot of distracting things going on that day.

I’m not really sure what to think of the new Uboat. On one level, it was really nice to see so much time, effort and money being put into the bar. On the other hand, some of the changes made me really miss the good, old days. I mean, I’m not saying that some of the things that went on at the old bar weren’t downright outrageous, I’m just saying a lot of people liked it the way it was and that to suddenly have a place where restrictions are applied as to what kind of music is played, people are dictated how to act and certain drinks that a lot of us enjoyed are removed with the simple excuse that “strong lagers don’t help attract women” .. Seems a bit odd at the very least. Evidently I wasn’t the only person feeling this way, and in the end the constant complaints and bickering about the style, the music, lack of certain beers and what have you really got a bit too much, so I was happy when Dunkel suggested that we go cook up some dinner at his place.

Or well, maybe I should have protested.. Cooking dinner turned out to be an.. err.. interesting experience. Dunkel, having thrown down a surprising amount of free “champagne” and chugged a few strong ales back to back, wanted no part in the process, so it was left to me – seeing as I was marginally more sober than him. I’m happy to report that things actually went smoothly without any accidents – even if Dunkel did say something about pasta sauce all over his kitchen the next day.. Whoops! Either way, after a dinner, a few Family Guy episodes, some guitar playing and a few summer hits(?), we decided to give the Uboat another go, so we packed up, met up with Penny and made our way back.

Things were much the same when we came back, but at least we made it just in time for a free Tequila Sunrise gone wrong 😉 Some of the regulars had apparently left and another regular was snoozing on the couch when we got there, so we assumed that the new feel didn’t appeal to them too much. We were determined to give it a chance and have some fun, though. So we brought out our wallets and in a community effort purchased the Uboat’s remaning stock of Fine Festival, a total of 40 extra strong lagers to split between Penny, Dunkel, Robert, Martin and I.. And a few select friends. The drunken reasoning behind the stunt being that they could damn well do whatever they want to try and make the place into more of a café and less of a bar, but they couldn’t tell us not to act like drunken assholes.. And so we started our assault!

I must say I did manage to have a good time after all. At least the place was packed which was good. And a lot of friends and familiar faces showed up throughout the night. Tina, who had been working, showed up again, as did Louise, her boyfriend and a friend of theirs – the boys, apparently, had shown up more or less because of me so I thought it only fair to go talk to them for a while and make sure they were having fun. Iben also showed up after a while, as did Ricki (they’re apparently a couple now) and a whole bunch of other people. So despite continuing complaints, I was having a good old time throughout the evening as we worked our way through the last case of Fine Festival one by one, a bit of a losing battle for Penny and I.. Especially after midnight where Ricki, Dunkel and Iben were chased away by the prospects of a surprise Singstar competition (which, btw, never happened). We managed to pull through, though, and despite being off our asses drunk, we finished the last four Fine before throwing in the towel. I even showed enough courage to order a normal strength lager to wash them all down with, but that really is the last thing I remember from that evening.. Evidently that’s what you get for drinking for twelve hours straight.


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