Sometimes, life’s a bitch

Thank you, that is all.. No, really, don’t feel like going too much into details. Just feel like I’m struggling against a lot lately and no matter what I do, I’m not really going anywhere. Probably it’s all bound in the feeling of utter helplessness created by the situation with my grandma.

I’m not usually one to get all sappy and emotional about shit, but last night I was reminded of a week waaaay back in the day when I was but a little Johan and had scraped my knee and somehow caught an infection. Anyways, my grandma cleaned the cut with a simple salt water solution each day for a week and by the end of the week, the infection was gone and the wound had healed. It seems comical today, but back then I thought she was the greatest doctor of all time as she could so magically end my aches and worries. Now she’s in pain and in the hands of people who truly are some of world’s most gifted doctors and they can’t do shit to help her.. Hmm, I don’t know, the memory just sorta helped me put things into perspective. Lord knows I’m not much of a family man, but the few, fond memories I do have, I cherish.. And this one ended up making me more depressed than I have been in a long, fucking while. Okay, maybe that was a few too many details after all..

Either way, at least I have my friends this time around. They, by the way, are struggling with their own little problems today, so it was pretty unanimously agreed that the world sucks ass today.. Or well, to an extend, anyways.. After careful consideration, I came to the conclusion that since the world still has brownies and ice cream, it can’t suck too bad! 😉

Huh? And what just happened as I was typing this? Well, just spend 20 mins on the phone with Emelie who was fearing eviction from her apartment after a weird ass letter she got from her landlord. Hmm.. I feel like there’s an army of Murphy’s ganging up on me and my loved ones..

Bah, I’ve had enough of this, I’m going to bed, after all, tomorrow can only get better! 😛


4 responses to “Sometimes, life’s a bitch

  1. Håber at Eva (jeg går ud fra at det er hende du skriver om) får det bedre hurtigst muligt! Men det er vel på grund af at hun er nedslidt, men lad os da håbe at hun får det bedre hurtigst muligt!

    Vildere druk her fra Århus! Dunkel er gået i stykker. 😛

  2. Jep, præcis, og lad os det!

    Vildere, klovn, vildere! God druk! 😀

  3. Jeg ville ønske, at alt var meget bedre i dag… men sorry, love, det er det sq ikke. Jeg har det i hvert fald stadig røv dårligt, og er sur på hele verden… med nogle få undtagelser 😉 Håber så at alt er bedre i morgen, jeg tar nemlig med til Odense.

  4. Det er jeg sgu ked af at høre, lille skat, men så kan vi da bitche lidt sammen på vejen.. Jeg har det faktisk noget bedre i dag, og vi er ved at arbejde lidt på at få bestilt nogle bøger til Em, så vi alle fire kan komme afsted, skal nok blive hyggeligt.. All in på moralsk support!

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