They took my Internet!

Gah, you don’t know how much you actually use something before it’s taken away from you. And while I’m scared and ashamed to admit it, I guess I was kinda addicted to this whole web at home thing.. Not like I’m feeling strung out now or anything, it just annoys the crap out of me that I can’t get on the web whenever I feel like checking something, or bothering someone on MSN or whatever.

Anyways, the reason why I’m now net-less is that Bo and Iben, the former house owners, moved out yesterday and the new people are moving in today. Naturally, Bo canceled the subscription, and took the old router with him, so  I don’t currently have a net connection at home, meaning I’ll actually have to work to the university to get online. My laptop is toast so it’s not like I can just walk somewhere and borrow a connection for a while, even if I wanted to.. Blah! Oh well, hope I can get some deal going with the new owners – they seem nice enough.

Other than that, it’s been a surprisingly quiet weekend in that I spend all of Saturday  by myself doing absolutely nothing except watching TV, laying around on the couch, eating hangover grub and taking a few walks just to clear my head up a bit. Friday was kinda wild, though, in that it saw Tina, Zascha, Anne, Emelie and I break in the new Uboat. Emelie somehow managed to control herself, but the rest of us ended up absolutely sloshed not knowing left from right, or the equilibrium in between for that matter. ’twas good times!

Anyways, I have to get going, so that’s all he wrote for now.. There ya go, another surprisingly short post! 😉


5 responses to “They took my Internet!

  1. No Internet?! Sounds rather scary!

    Are you sure it hasn’t anything to do with the fact that it’s April 1st?

  2. how about getting your laptop fixed?

  3. Yea, I’m working on that.. But how on earth is that gonna help me get net at home? 😛

    And I’m afraid not, Mads.. It’s still not working 😦

  4. heh.. well.. for a start it’s a better thing to have your own computer with you when you’re surfing the internet… so it was just a suggestion to ease your time living without this goddamn internet :p

  5. Well, right now my life is on an USB key instead of a laptop.. It’s not quite the same, but as far as cheap replacements go, it’s working quiiiite well.. Sigh, I need my precious laptop back.

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