Settling in..

It seems like the new owners upstairs are starting to settle in.. At any rate, things have started to go bump in the night (and during the day as well) and I’ve heard loud cries of “OH FUCKING SHIT!!” a couple of times already.. So I’m left to conclude that things are going according to plan.

Spoke to Brian, the new guy, yesterday and handed him the nice little deposit.. He wasn’t too  pleases about receiving all of the DKK 9000 in nothing but 500 and 100 DKK bills.. But oh well, such is the way of the ATM’s 😉 Did make it seem like a bit of a shady deal, though. He also said that  he’s working on getting his internet transfered to our place so, hopefully, I should have some sort of internet connection soon.

You’d think that not having any internet connection, I’d be putting my time to good use.. Well, sorta.. I picked up Final Fantasy X for the PS2 last night and decided to give it a go.. Didn’t really think too much of it till I suddenly realized that the clock had passed 1 AM and I’d been playing for some 4-5 hours straight.. How’s that for an addictive personality? Either way, that shouldn’t be a problem tonight.. I’m scheduled to work. And I hear that tonight is the busiest day of the year in our business (yes, busier than Xmas!) ..  So that’ll be fun! I even have to walk home afterwards as my bike suffered a flat tire last week.. Good fucking times! At least Zascha’s been sweet enough to offer me a ride out there.. With a little luck, we’ll be able to spawn even more rumors about me and the women in my life.

Oh well, things to do, gotta go!


2 responses to “Settling in..

  1. You didn’t even do anything last night?! God, Johan! Thought we made a “pact” that it was time for Spring cleaning…? 😉 Well, I didn’t really think you’d get done anyways, but I kinda hoped 🙂 You’re such a geek… 😉

  2. Haha.. Well, you said it yourself a week ago, love, I’m so damn predictable 😉 But yea, I did get something done.. I just didn’t exactly finish my quest. Gotta leave a little for a rainy day, no? 😉

    Actually, now I feel kinda bad about never finishing what I set out to do.. But what’s a boy to do.. Heh!

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