Meet the parents

What did I do yesterday? Well, I got to meet Zascha’s parents for the first time.. Actually that’s not all, I also got to meet Zascha’s brother, Zascha’s grandmother, Tina’s grandmother, uncle and aunt.. (phew!) Yes, evidently I received the extended family grand tour.. But how did that all come to pass?

Well, evidently Zascha’s mother realizes (believe it or not!) that Tina and I are kinda good at taking care of Zascha and keeping her well-fed and what not, so evidently (bless her heart) she wanted to do something in return. As it turns out, she found out that neither of us had ever tasted hare (or had any memory of tasting it at the very least), so she thought it appropriate to invite us over for that seeing as their entire family enjoys it so much.

Now, the only problem was that Zascha’s parents live a bit away from Kolding in a town called Juelsminde, but still it wasn’t much of a problem as Tina and I just piled into Tina’s car and made our way up there, by means of a few detours. Actually, we first went to a nearby town called Vejen to pick up some DVDs from Tina’s uncle – who wasn’t home, so we ended up talking to her aunt instead, then getting the DVDSs and driving on over to Tina’s grandmother to thank her uncle (who was in the process of removing a truckload of moss from her grandmother’s lawn).

We didn’t stay long as they were busy with their important task. Instead, we ended up nearly getting invited to Tina’s cousin’s birthday party, but decided to pass.. We had more important things to do, such as acting like a old married couple while purchasing a bottle of wine for Zascha’s dad and getting in a fight over whether or not I was entitled to tell her how to spend her money. (Sorry, babe, no matter how you twist or turn it DKK 6,000 for a pizza and a bottle of wine sounds like a pretty shitty deal 😉 ) – oh and we also needed lunch and coffee so just for the hell of it, we ended up driving back to my place, heating up a batch of ready made lasagna and eating it for lunch.

After eating lunch, we continued on our epic trip towards Juelsminde which went pretty painlessly save a small argument about which motorway to catch and a barrelful of laughs over local town names and what not. We arrived safely in Juelsminde and were greeted by Zascha, her parents, their dog, Zascha’s brother and grandmother.. A bit of a lump to swallow so we (Zascha, her brother Zeb, Tina and I) made a hasty retreat out on the town to check the place out and have waffles.

Following a (de)tour of the town and surrounding woods and a holiday areas, we arrived back, nursed our growing ulcers with even more coffee and just hung out and chatted with the family before dinner was ready. Zascha’s mothers cooking showed me that I still have a way to go before calling myself a good cook, (but then, who am I to compete with a mother’s cooking?) and I ended up so full I could hardly even walk, let alone talk coherently or make sense.. The rest of the evening was spend making plans for our trip next weekend and just talking to Zascha’s parents who turned to be really wonderful people and even had a few laughs to spare at my random jokes.. Which was a bit odd since I was being my own weird self talking about Mongolians on pogo sticks, bastard children being the wrath of God and how alcoholism beat dying of cancer.. Oh well, just goes to show that there’s a place for everybody in certain families.

After a long, enjoyable evening, Tina and I finally made our way back to Kolding where I once again ended up geeking out on my playstation till waaaay into the wee hours.. Hmm.. I can stop any time I want, I swear!


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