Spring’s here again..

It’s getting too hot to concentrate on writing, so bear with me regarding the possible craziness of this post. I’m at uni, sitting in the sun in the nice little courtyard between the buildings, getting some much needed sun and trying to come up with a small update. The weekend was spend with friends at my grandma’s place in the woods a bit south of here. It was damn good times and lot of crazy activities were undertaken. I suppose the update will have to wait until I get out of the sun at least, it’s getting a little too warm and comfy to spend too much time thinking and typing up anythign coherent. Especially since I manage to totally fuck up my inner working, barely sleeping for the entire weekend then compensating by sleeping almost twelve hours straight from Sunday to Monday.. Causing me to once again miss my Monday morning classes.. Oh well, there’s more fun to be had in the sun anyways. Spring’s back in Denmark with temperatures approaching 20 degrees or there abouts and all of us here are getting too lazy to really do anything about anything at all.. It’s times like these I really appreciate that I’m not stuck indoors with a full time job any longer.. I’ve absolutely no idea how I’m gonna learn to eventually cope with that feeling.

Maybe i should start taking my studies seriously one day soon.. Got a month and a half to go before exams, I reckon.. Gotta start doing something about it one day soon.. Oh and hey, did anyone but me notice that i managed to keep the blog running for almost a year now? Wow, never saw that coming. Will have to think of some way to celebrate!


3 responses to “Spring’s here again..

  1. in about 6 days….i’ve had my diary/blog in 5 years :p

    i saw you walking around at uni today…looked like you were looking for someone?

  2. Well, thanks, Livette, and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

    Rikke, depending on which time of the day, I may have been looking for Tina, mostly I was just goofing off at the time.

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