Cottage Delight

Ever wondered how much it takes for keep six adults fed, drunk and happy for an entire weekend? Well, the answer is about 15 bottles of wine, 3 24 packs of beer, a bottle each of rum, gin, and Martini, and two bottles of flavored shots. Add to that a couple of kilos of beef, 5 kilos of bread, a kilo of cheese, 28 eggs, some cold cuts, bacon and a few kilos of vegetables.. Yipes!

Either way, this along with ourselves, our luggage, some school work and what not is what we packed into two cars and dragged along for our weekend vacation to my grandma’s house south of Kolding. Naturally, the logistics behind this were rather horrible, but with a little help from my beautiful assistants, Zascha and Tina, we managed to get all of it done on a Friday morning before heading to the Uboat for our rendez-vouz with the other people involved which basically meant the standard crew of Tina, Zascha, Morten, Christian, Emelie and I. Together we were to spend three days and two nights at my grandma’s house in the woods just south of here.

Friday – Getting there

Upon meeting up, we left Kolding together at around 3 PM, dragging our heavy load as fast as we could southwards.. As far as loads go, I gotta admit that Zascha and I have dragged some pretty heavy loads back home from Germany in her trusty old car, but the combined weight of the food and drinks involved for this trip is by far the heaviest load we’ve ever dragged uphill in her nice, little Toyota.. But hey, we made it, and we even managed to almost outrun Tina and her passengers at one point.

We made it to my grandma’s place at around 3:30 and after some oohing, some aahing and a hellish but if unpacking, we settled on the lawn and waited for Christian, who had decided to make the trip on his own, to arrive. He eventually did at around 4 after a short detour down to the local village, and with all of us there – and beers in our hands, we went for the grand tour of the grounds, the house and the village. After the one hour grand tour (hey, there’s a lot of ground to cover) it was time for drinks, more chilling in the sun and eventually for an all out feast during which we managed to consume not only the ordinary lasagna which I prepared for us meat lovers, but also all of the vegetarian lasagna I prepared for Emelie – along with some four bottles of wine and other good stuff.. Well, when in Rome..

After dinner, we had a nice little game of Trivial Pursuit to go with our beers, shots and what have you. The girls were tired, though, and turned in pretty early, leaving us boys to fend for ourselves without supervision. As the girls left, I engaged in one of the first screwups in a history of many that evening. Somehow my drunken logic told me that I should tell them not to worry about our so-called house ghost and to just come looking for me if something odd happened.. Well, as any right thinking person could probably imagine, I got nowhere in calming them down, rather I spooked the crap out of Zascha in particular and had most of them laying awake until very late in the night.. Oops!

The guys and I, though, could confirm that nothing happened in terms of ghostly activity that night as we stayed up till around 5 AM singing along to various songs, drinking shots and making a right fool of ourselves in the process. We eventually stumbled across the court yard to the guest house where we were to sleep and settled in for about five hours of some of the tightest sleep we’ve ever had.

Saturday – He thrusts his hands against the post and still insists he sees the ghosts

We woke up the next morning at 10 and while Christian made his way to town to get some soda for his hangovers, Morten and I went back to the main building where we met Zascha who had been getting breakfast ready while the rest of us were asleep. The sun was really starting to come out on Saturday, so when we’d finished our breakfast, Morten and I stripped down and went to lie on the lawn for a few hours. We were joined by Emelie and Zascha while Christian and Tina went on a tree climbing adventure which to me looked more dangerous than fun. After some pointless, albeit comfortable, lying around, I decided to get dressed and head to town to visit my grandfather at the cemetery and get some more supplies.

While out on the town, I (rather surprisingly) ran into my mother who’d been talking about coming to visit and apparently had made good of her promise. She gave me a ride back and after delivering a soda and a frisbee to the others, I went for a second tour of the grounds with her. We also had time for a nice talk with Emelie and Zascha who were sweet enough to let my mom know a thing or two about my drinking habits.. All in all an enjoyable time. After my mom had left, we had a short soccer game before I slowly had to get cracking on dinner, a project which was to take me about three hours that afternoon, but then, I suppose that’s kinda how slow cooking works.

At around 5, we were joined by Louise who were to spend a single night with us and arrived just in time for drinks and afternoon goofing about in the sun. At this time, things were also starting to get a little hectic in the kitchen and I’d have probably had a meltdown, had I not been offered the help of Zascha and Emelie in the kitchen and had Tina and Christian not helped me peel the potatoes.. It was all worth it, though, in the end the roast turned out to be hard to cut as it was so tender that it was pretty much falling apart on its own and along with Zascha’s greek salad starter, Tina’s pancakes for dessert, and some well selected wines, it made for a perfect luxury dinner which was enjoyed by everyone.

After dinner, we all sorta scattered about, talking about such diverse subjects as sex, ghosts, politics, religion and the future of the place. It was all good fun and the wine kept flowing before eventually being replaced with beers and drinks as we ran out.. Or well, the last bottle was left for Tina to nurse after a rather uncomfortable experience on her behalf:

It’s kinda ironic that I’ve been telling all the girls not to worry about the whole ghost thing as nothing even remotely creepy had happened down there for years and no-one had ever felt truly disturbed or frightened by anything down there.. Well, what do you know? Just as I’m once again in the kitchen, telling this to Tina, the kitchen door is just absolutely smashed open on its own account, sending a trembling Tina jumping into my arms.. And well, naturally, that was the end of my trying to calm everybody down. Having experienced other things down there myself, I wasn’t really too worried or upset by the whole deal but I could see why Tina would be and I must admit that once it happened a second time and once I noticed a few others doors around the house having apparently opened on their own account, I was starting to feel a little weirded out and understood full well why Tina chose to hang closely onto her bottle of wine for the remainder of the night.

I eventually went and got my sleeping bag from the guest house and promised Tina I’d keep watch over the house throughout the night and make sure that nothing else happened.. Indeed nothing else did so apparently whoever was behind the ordeal just wanted to let himself be known.. I’m from a family of jokers anyways, so I can’t say I’m surprised. I was joined for the most of the night by Morten, Christian and Emelie who eventually crashed at around 7 AM, leaving me to fend for myself a few hours myself before Louise got back up at around 9.

Sunday, hazy Sunday

Sunday was spend in a bit of a a haze by most of us, I’m sure. Having kept myself going on strong coffee and pepsi in the earliest hours of the morning, I eventually gave up and passed out on the lawn for a few hours, counting on Zascha and others to poke me every now and then, causing me to turn. As I did Christian and Tina apparently went on a wild track around the grounds, climbing trees, catching frogs in the stream and who knows what else.

The afternoon was spend on watching sport or movies.. Or sleeping while pretending to watch sport or movies – of which I did the latter. At around 5 PM, we eventually started to pack up our last few things and decided to make our way back to Kolding, in our case by way of a minor detour as I suddenly realized I’d forgot to lock the main door, prompting Tina (who were driving Morten and I back to Kolding) to make a u-turn and drive back. When I got back, I eventually once more caved in to real sleep, and once again ended up sleeping almost 12 hours straight, missing my morning classes as explained in my previous post.. Well, a boy’s gotta sleep some time, right?


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