Acting all strange-like

Hmm.. Okay, so it’s Saturday and I’m stuck at home.. That in itself isn’t too strange by now.. I mean, I’ve sorta cut down on my drinking, the girls aren’t home, Christian’s doing fuck knows and so a quiet night at home sounded like a good idea.. No, the strangeness comes from what I’m actually doing; I mean, I thought yesterday was pretty strange what with me working Friday for the first time in ages and not even going to the Uboat afterwards. But, as it turns out, today was even stranger. Not only did I spend most of the day working on our BA assignment (jotting down 4 pages, thank you very much!) – No sir, after treating myself to a nice dinner (burritos made from scratch with Spanish rice.. So good, so full..), I started acting all homely-like, cleaning up, doing dishes, re-decorating and what have you.. On a fucking Saturday night.. WTF?

Hmm.. The worst thing probably is that it doesn’t even feel too bad.. I gots me my bag of memories (cleaning out drawers at the moment), my vintage Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, and The Boss playing on the speakers.. Life could be a hell of a lot worse! Okay, actually, it could be better, but that’s mostly owing to the fact that I found out only a few minutes ago that you shouldn’t attempt to wash your wooden floors in the above mentioned Cab Sauvignon.. Hmm.. Always the klutz! Luckily, I did manage to save most of the bottle, at DKK 50 a bottle, anything else would’ve sucked!

What the hell I’m doing drinking vintage wine anyways? Well, as I figured out a few days ago, I am, sadly, old enough to have expensive habits by now, and since I was lucky enough to run into a few bottles of 2005 vintage Chilean reds, I figured I’d start a “wine cellar.” .. But you see, can’t well stock the cellar without sampling the goods, so while it’s a tough job, somebody’s gotta do it. And since no one’s around to help, well, woe is the Johan! Oh well, I hear this stuff is healthy anyways!

Oh right, while I’m sitting here rambling (a rambling post? From moi? Unheard of!), I completely forgot that I actually have now made it past the one year mark! I actually survived my own ramblings for over a year, and so did many of you guys.. That’s pretty awesome, eh? No? Well, at least I’m stoked! So how far did I get? Well, I didn’t quite make it to 10,000 visits, but I did make 9,500+, that’s still 26 a day, right? I honestly never thought my life could be that interesting, but thanks none the less! 😉 Looking back at my own posts, it would appear that I haven’t really gotten very far at all, I’m still essentially running around doing crazy assed things every weekend, still getting drunk, still rambling incoherently online in way too lengthy posts.. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, I suppose.

Anyways, I should get back to my trip down memory lane.. So here’s to another year, and to many more quality wines.. Cheers!


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