On criticizing religion

Monday meant more BA work for me. Geeze, I feel like I’m actually starting to put an effort into this, and luckily things are going much better than expected. Actually, right now the problem isn’t that I’m not writing enough, actually I’ve written too much already and have had to cut down a bit.

The section I’m writing right now is extended to analyze and explain why issues of first amendment rights (freedom of speech, assembly, religion, etc) vs religious tradidtion usually spur quite a controversy in the United States and which factors act as catalysts for the debate. Yea, I know, probably sounds dull as hell, but I’ve actually had quite a bit of fun with the whole thing.

My main problem, though, is that my main thesis states that the very religious nature of the debate itself is a huge catalyst because religious conservatives by way of their nature put their spiritual beliefs at the same height if not higher than their belief in personal freedom and liberty for all.. But just how do you put such a theory down on paper without possibly offending anyone or making it seem like an attack on organized religion?

It’s quite possible that I’m just (in yet another aspect) environmentally “damaged” from my time in the States and feel like I have to insert disclaimers and apologies for anything that might be viewed as an offensive statement by some.. Yet, I really don’t wanna run the risk of sounding like I’m launching an unjustified unacademic attack on people who hold faith higher than most other things in their lives. Heck, though agnostic of nature, I’ve high regard and respect for religious people (bar the few, obvious zealots) and I really don’t wanna step on anybody’s toes. But then, it’d be just my luck if by taking such care in avoiding to do so, I’ll actually end up doing it anyways. We’ll see, for now I’m reasonably happy with the five pages I’ve written,  meaning I’ll probably end up re-writing the whole thing tomorrow 😉

In other news, Zascha will probably be happy to know that I’m finally living up to my part of the spring cleaning pact.. Better late than never, eh? Up to a point where I’m actually surprisingly pissed that I’ve run out of clean rags so I can’t finish what I’ve started before I can do my laundry tomorrow.. No, I’m not kidding.. Yes, I know full well that such a statement will surprise, scare and frighten a few people, sorry Tina and others.. But as Emelie put it yesterday: “In your case, going a bit against the grain probably isn’t that bad of a thing!” Actually, I had dinner with my mom last night, and she was kind enough to pick me up – after seeing my new tidy kitchen and living room, she spend almost as much time talking about and praising my efforts than she did talking about all those nice, sweet, lovely, pretty, little women in my life (*sigh* mothers).. She even went so far as to donate a wine rack for my wines and some artsy fartsy art stuff for my kitchen wall, good times!

Speaking of being pissed off, I’m really, really starting to have a hard time living without the ‘net.. Not in the addiction kinda sense, more like I friggin’ need it most of the time and don’t have access to it.. Gah! Writing a major assignment without unrestricted access to the web is bad enough, but now with the obligations I have at the Student House and what not, trying to keep up with business executives who use e-mail as a means of communication and expect people to check it on not only a daily but more like an hourly basis.. Huh, I hope we get our connection back up and running before I manage to piss anyone off with my calls of “just checking up to hear if the meeting is still on/still canceled” 😉 Not to mention that I feel kinda alienated not being able to chat people up on MSN and/or annoy them at whatever weird hours I chose.. No fair!


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