Word of the day: Discombobulated

Okay, I admit it, I have a thing for certain words in the English language. There’s just something sexy, or at least interesting, about certain words.. Schism, juxtaposition (boy did I get a lot of weird looks when I first used that in a casual conversation), even discombobulated.. Which sounds a heck of a lot better than just saying “dazed and confused.” .. Hey, don’t look at me that way, I know for a fact I’m not alone here. Actually, according to some “cellar door” is the most beautiful word in the English language.. I don’t know how they got to that and I think compared to that, my word fetish is pretty ordinary..

Ahem.. Anyways.. Discombobulated, yes, dazed and confused, yes.. That’s sorta how I’ve been feeling these past couple of days. It sorta all started when I was eating dinner with Tina and Zascha last night and paused from my eating to just stare dumbfounded into nothingness for an extended period of time, unable to even answer their concerned questions about what the hell was wrong with me. Despite loving attention, it pretty much carried on through the night and the next day – and to be frank, it pisses me right off. I’m usually pretty good at pointing out the problem when someone, myself included, is feeling blue, but damn it this time I really have no friggin’ idea.

Probably the girls are right that I’m just stressed out without wanting to admit or acknowledge it.. But damn it, I don’t want them to be right all the time 😉 Anyways, really looking forward to tonight. Last day at work this week, no classes for the remainder of the week.. Time for a a nice bit of peace and quiet, some good food and some good drinks with the usual crew.. Should be awesome and probably just what the doctor ordered!

Oh, oh.. More good news.. (wait, were the opening news even that good? Ah, nevermind) the internet returns! Tomorrow morning! We’ll have a technician popping over between 9 and 12 (bad Johan, no sleep for you!) to set things up, then we just need the wiring and stuff and we’ll be ready to go.. Good times! It sure will make life a hell of a lot easier! And should even help make updates to this blog a hell of a lot more frequent!

Note: I probably should mention that this was written on Wednesday but random alcohol consumption got in the way of  posting this before now 😉


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