Things that go bump in the night?!?

I’m starting to really wonder about the doings of the young people upstairs from me. Either they get a hell of a fight on every now and then, or they’re involved in some sort of weird mating ritual that I don’t fully understand.. At any rate, they’re making one hell of a ruckus every now and then – last night included. At first I nearly called the police on them due to loud bumps and screaming, then followed fits of laughter, more screaming and yelling, bumps and loud cries.. Huh, young people of today.. What gives?

Anyways, had a surprising good day yesterday, despite spending most of it on doing BA with Zascha and meetings. Zascha was in what I like to refer to as her “weird-assed kinda mood” and was goofing and frolicking about to an extend that even I had a hard time matching – and despite of that, or maybe even because of that, we actually managed to get a hell of a lot of work done on our final chapter – well, the framework and notes anyways.

After a long afternoon of working on our assignment, I had to be at the Uboat at 5 PM for a meeting regarding the finances, leadership and liquor license of the Student House. Still got a few bumps along that road, but it seems now that once we’ve had the first board meeting (which will hopefully be soon) things should be back on track!

I then went and had dinner with Zascha and Tina like promised which proved a fun, albeit short, affair. Zascha still had her troubles with the Danish language, prepositions in particular, which prompted Tina to laugh at her and state that she was having problems with her proportions.. A mistake which made for even more laughs!

Sadly, the night was to be cut short. Tina had to go home and study and I was still having problems with my back, so I went home pretty early to lay down. Hey, at least I’m taking care of myself somewhat now. I even managed to get out of work tonight, fearing that I might tear something up even further if I went. Actually I felt pretty well yesterday and today, too, but following a bit of a scare on Monday where I was hardly able to move before getting my hands on some heavy duty painkillers, I kinda realized that I should probably listen to the girls when they’re telling me to wind down and take care of myself.. Damnit, when will you stop being right? 😉

Yea, so, taking it slow tonight so I’ll be ready for the weekend. A weekend trip out of town will probably do me good. As will some good food and a few drinks.. Mmm.. Cocktails.. Anyways, catch ya on the flipside!


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