Of BA assignments and Absinthe

Huh? So apparently spring decided to bail on us.. It’s been raining for like two days straight now – to a point where I haven’t actually been able to sleep properly at night due to the damn rain! Which didn’t really go over too well with my having to get up at 7 AM this morning for technical English classes.

Somehow, I actually managed to get up on time – and then promptly went back to bed as I felt like utter shit! I think the weather may have seriously messed my body up, or well, at any rate I woke up feeling dizzy and queasy and was still feeling that way even when I made my way to uni at 10 to meet up with Zascha who was apparently also feeling quite unwell. Difficulties aside, we managed to get a lot of work done on our assignment and are now nearly done with the writing process. She’s kindly asked me to mention that in my blog, which is hereby done.

Of greater importance to me, though, was the treat that she had in store for me! Like I mentioned in my previous post, her parents had been away for the weekend.. More specifically, they were in the Czech Republic and came home bearing gifts, or well, favors: A highly anticipated bottle of absinthe which they’d agreed to bring back for me.

Absinthe? Yea, absinthe! As I mentioned earlier, I’ve suddenly gotten this newfound appreciation for expensive (and/or obscure) liquors – and when it comes to obscurity and decadence nothing beats a glass of absinthe. Of course, now all I need are absinthe glasses and spoons. This is starting to become one hell of an expensive hobby.. But oh well, as Christian and I agreed Saturday, things just taste better when you are aware that you’ve made a certain sacrifice to get your greedy little hands on them.

On a totally unrelated note, I’m starting to wish this day would be over soon. We’re approaching my 3 PM bar meeting and I’m already feeling all sleepy like. On top of that I also have to take my bike to get fixed so I’ll have some way of getting to work and back on Thursday oh and I need to do a few loads of really disgusting laundry.. Apparently hiking, thrashing about, drinking, BBQ’ing and lighting fires leave a certain smell imprint on your clothes.. Gotta fix that! Then, afterwards, I’m sure my couch will be happy to see me.


2 responses to “Of BA assignments and Absinthe

  1. Det er godt at du endelig har lært at absinth er det eneste rigtige 😉 … Det er længe siden jeg har snakket med dig; går det godt i Kolding?

  2. Jo jooo.. Eneste og eneste? Det plejer da ikke at ligge til dig, at være sprutracist! 😉

    Ja, har haft lidt problemer med mangel på internet derhjemme, men har så til gengæld kompenceret for denne mangel ved at drukne mig i diverse former for arbejde.. Smart!

    Men anyways, det går da ganske udemærket og nu hvor jeg faktisk har net igen, skal der nok komme flere fremtidige stive rants på MSN 😉

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