Here’s a fun fact about Bratislava..

Hmm.. I’m getting a bit tired of all this damn rain we’re getting. I had to go to work today and since I actually went and got my bike fixed so I wouldn’t have to rely on the kindness of my girls to drive me wherever I need to go, going to work involved a 30 min bike trip through pouring rain.. Lovely! Naturally, I arrived absolutely soaked, but hey, I’ve had worse.

As I mentioned, yesterday was Zascha’s birthday. To celebrate she cooked us leg of lamb and even treated us to layered cake for dessert. I’d been put in charge of the wine and relying on my usual tradition of never overdoing  anything, I went and got six bottles to keep the six of us going after Zascha’s complimentary Amarone had been consumed. This was, of course, before I knew that Emelie wouldn’t be having wine and that Tina would barely drink anything. So yea, Morten, Christian, Zascha and I had enough wine to keep us going through the night.

And what a good night it was! The food was great, the laughs were great, the massage(!) was great and the movie was great.. Yes, movie. Strangely enough, Zascha and I have been spending the last year or so looking for Eurotrip on DVD and have always come up short handed. As luck would have it, I actually stumbled upon it on her very birthday when I was looking for a gift to get her from the lot of us. So, naturally, I got that for her along with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and, naturally, she  decided, shortly after unwrapping her presents, that we should watch the movie that night.. So we did and it was easily every bit as enjoyable as the last ten or so times I’ve seen it.

As the movie finished, Tina was about ready to go lights out and Zascha and Emelie were about ready to leave as well. The boys and I decided to get some fresh air and walk home, bringing the bottle and a half or so of wine that had survived dinner and movie time (yes, we drink ridiculous amounts of wine). On our merry way, we passed the Student House and as I kinda needed to check up on some stuff and as the night was still young, we decided to make a pit stop and share a glass or so of wine before heading on.

This plan eventually failed in the way that some 3-4 hours later, we still found ourselves hanging about at the house.. Fresh out of wine and with the time rapidly approaching 5 AM Wednesday morning, we decided to move on. All three of us at this time had the munchies but since we figured we’d have a hard time finding pizza anywhere, we opted for the next best thing; on our way back to my place, we dropped by a bakery, went up to the back door and purchased a shitload of rolls, some danish pastries and a stick of butter.. The breakfast of champions!

When we eventually got back to my place, we had drunken breakfast in the kitchen, getting bread crumbs everywhere in the process. Christian, for some reason (I’ve learned not to ask), was carrying around a jar of strawberry jam in his backpack which just helped make things so much better. We eventually passed out at around 6 AM for a few hours of well-deserved sleep. Another day well spend and another plan of not drinking too heavily gone up in smoke.. And to think that Tina thought that six bottles of wine would be way too much.. Tsk! 😉


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