It occured to me

.. that I should start sleeping a little more. Evidently this whole 5-6 hours a night thing just isn’t working out for me in the long run. At least that’s my conclusion after barely surviving my grandma’s birthday today. Sleepiness aside, it was a good day.

I arrived horribly overdressed as I wasn’t about to let Zascha be the one dressed up all fancy like today. She was wearing her new dress for some confirmation thing so I figured I’d wear my suit to my grandma’s thing – y’know, just to see if it all still fits and stuff. Seeing my grandma again was pretty good. I could tell her illness is really wearing her down, but that fact aside, she actually seemed happy and in good spirits.. But I suppose that’s how we roll in my family. We went out to a restaurant this year as my grandma can’t really do much herself anymore. It was pretty good times – the food was somewhat decent, the service was horrible yet friendly, but the company was good.

After a nice afternoon and a hour and a half drive home with a grumpy mom, I went home and played dead on the couch for a while. Ate some food, spend about three hours advancing quite a bit in my never-ending effort of re-playing Final Fantasy X – only to reach a Game Over screen without having been able to save once.. Hmm, yea, in case you’re wondering – that’s BAD! And an incredibly dumb way to spend your day off.

Right, yea, ‘spose it’s time to round this off again. Like I said, I haven’t exactly had much time for sleeping lately. And with exam preparations and BA-work starting again tomorrow, it doesn’t sound like I’ll be getting around to overdoing the whole sleep thing any time soon. So better catch some while I can 😉


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