As our old friend Jesus would say:


Well, granted, Jesus was nailed to a cross talking about the treachery of man and the likes.. I’m merely lying on my couch, enjoying that our BA assignment is finally done, finished, over with! But still.. Yay!

Zascha and I finished printing early this afternoon, killing off a small rain forest in the process (Christian insists that Danish paper comes from the woods of Norway or Sweden, but I’m still upset, I don’t care).

There’s this crazy rule that internet sources we print need to be included in electronic form as well as in printed versions. Given that our internet sources include, amongst others, a few Supreme Court rulings it’s pretty needless to say that our sources in printed form took up a fuckload of space. We ended up handing in around 40 pages worth of assignment, a couple of appendixes and some 300 pages worth of sources.. If not more! Add to that the fact that we needed to hand in 3 copies of our assignment. Well,  you should be able to understand why we were pretty upset with the whole thing in the end.

But fuck it, it’s finished! Now all there’s left to do is hand it in this morning.. Woohoo! Oh, and apologies to anyone who may feel that I just took the Lord’s name in vain or whatever..


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