Girl, you’re the un-girliest girl I know

Hmm.. Well, I was talking about getting some more sleep, but apparently that’s not working for me.. Or well, got about four hours of sleep last night after an intoxicating night at the Uboat, then went to uni to print the internet sources for our BA project; a rather uninteresting event which ended up costing us a total of 160 DKK in copies and binders.. Lovely!

After a few hours of printing and sorting copies, I went home for a bit of rest and lunch before heading over to Tina’s. We’d decided to have dinner and hang out to celebrate that we were pretty much done with our BA. I ended up spending a few hours geeking about on her wirless network, studying a bit for my Technical English exam and taking care of some other stuff while she finished up on her project. Then cooked up a bit of dinner (no, not lasagna this time, Rikke 😉 ) which we ate consumed in about five minutes before finishing up and getting ready to spend some quality time together.

It’s funny how whenever the two of us come up with an idea like this, I end up struggling back in the middle of the night after an overly geeky evening. This time around, we settled for watching episodes two and three of Star Wars while consuming unbelievable amounts of potato chips and quite a few beers as chasers for our greasy dinner. Tina accuses me of having a bad influence on her consumption patters and drinking habits.. I wonder why! On the other hand, I accuse her of being the un-girliest girl I know because of her liking of greasy foodstuffs, beer, other kinds of alcohol, excessive burping during the consumption of said alcohol and her love for geeky things like Star Wars, Cartoons, PS2 and the likes..

Eh, but differences aside, we always have a blast when we get to hang out just the two of us, even if our idea of having a blast involves things like screaming “Dooku.. DOOOOOKU!!!” at the top of our lungs 😉

I eventually ended up walking home at around 1:30, running into a bunch of interesting drunk people on my way including a hammered Norwegian national whose idea of a good time involved banging his own head against a wall to the tune of Blümchen’s “Heut Ist Mein Tag” (For those who may wonder, a prime example of German techno/happy hardcore) while mumbling incoherently to himself.. Needless to say, I made my way past him in a rather fast paced manner, and continued back home.

So that leaves me here, at home, ranting online at 2:35 AM, but then, I don’t have to be anywhere until 12 noon tomorrow, so today might actually be a good chance to catch some quality shut-eye. Woo!


5 responses to “Girl, you’re the un-girliest girl I know

  1. haha.. if it wasn’t lasagne. then what was it ? :p

    sadly i was waaay to wasted to join you at the uboat friday…heh. although i was really tempted to go. my body just said no. it’s hard turning 22 and celebrating it 😉

    if you think Tina is the most un-girliest (is that a word?!) girl you know…you’re wrong. we all just show our natural sides in different ways. haha! so to say…

  2. Hakkebøffer 😛 Which in American English translates into hamburgers – they’re weird like that.

    If you think turning 22 is tough, then you, too, are sadly mistaking 😛

    un-girliest is a word.. Which I just made up! It’s sorta in family with “lack of sense of occasionness” and “loudmouthedness” 😉

  3. se…stadig noget med hakket oksekød. hahahah!

    I’m afraid you’re right! but damn what a blast of a party…my food is still swollen 😀

    haha..well…it’s a cool word! “loudmouthedness” is just funny.

  4. What? Not my fault my friends like beef.. What’s a boy to do? 😉

    Believe it or not, before I started eating with others on a (semi) daily basis, I pretty much never had beef.. Unlike most other boys, I’m not a HUGE fan of cow meat. But then again, I’m not a typical boy, am I? 😉

  5. hehe.. I was just teasing you. ‘Cause you said it was not lasagne. But it still had something to do with hakket oksekød (jeg er for doven til at huske hvad det hedder nu!) 😛
    and I like beef as well…heh.

    Hahaha…no you’re not a typical boy 🙂 – not that that’s a bad thing.

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