Vodka? What is it good for?

Drinking, you might say? But well, yea.. Vodka’s boring, see.. As are mixed drinks, or well, at least they’re starting to appeal less and less to me. So, as a result I’ve had a bottle of Smirnoff laying around since our last trip to Germany where I bought it merely for the sake of the included shaker.

Coincidentally, I’ve also had a beautiful antique Danish glass bottle standing around for years and years, not knowing exactly what I’d be able to use it for.. Consequently, I thought it about time to come up with a use for both of these objects through the ancient Danish art of DIY schnapps and liqueurs:

Bottle + Vodka + Base ingredients = Schnapps

Confused? Okay, here’s the deal: When I was younger my mom used to make her own coffee/orange liqueur and I figured I’d give the drink a modern revival. My mom used to base her drink on schnapps which I was never a big fan of, I did however like the orangy, vanilla, sugary coffee infused flavor of the drink.. So that’s when I got to thinking: Hey, vodka is kinda bland and tasteless, maybe I’ve found my match here! I went and dug up my mom’s old recipe and got cooking.. But of course me being the kinda guy I am, I could never stick to a recipe.

The original recipe calls for a punctured orange and a vanilla pod to be soaked in half a bottle of mild to flavorless schnapps for 40 days along with 40 pieces of cubed sugar and 40 coffee beans. Now orange and vanilla is all good to me, I adore both ingredients. However, the only coffee I have in the shape of whole beans is a potent Kenyan blend, so I opted reduce the number of beans to about 3o, thinking they’d induce about the same amount of flavor if not more.

Also, 40 pieces of cubed sugar seems a ridiculous amount of sugar for half a bottle of spirits.. And me not really being hooked on sugar, I didn’t even own 40 pieces of sugar. The solution came in the shape of taking the 14 pieces of cubed sugar that I did own and double up with equal parts of dark muscovado sugar (which seems to add its own interesting color and flavor to the blend) for a total of “only” 90 grams(!) of sugar to about 35 cl of Smirnoff.

The entire thing has now been combined in a jar and left in a bottom cupboard to sit for at least 40 days.. Gee, patience was never my thing.. The end result should be interesting and if nothing else will probably look all pretty like in the bottle.


6 responses to “Vodka? What is it good for?

  1. uuuh.. sound interesting. except for the vodka and coffee thing. hehe. i’ve never understood how people can drink vodka…

  2. Hehe.. Well, it’s one of the easiest things to drink out there. Unless you get that horrible German stuff, of course.

    Vodka is pretty tasteless except for the alcohol bite which is why people use it as base for all sorts of mixes, I guess. I’ve had quality vodka once, it tastes like pretty much.. Nothing!

    I used to drink it a lot when I was younger and just looking to get drunk.. Now I really don’t get it.. This might prove an interesting use, though.

  3. i used to drink it when i was younger as well… i think it’s a beginner thing.

    i like smirnoff ice though.

  4. And a Russian thing 😉

    I’m sure there’s some use for every kind of alcohol out (except probably Smirnoff Ice and Bacardi Breezer) there and I’m set out to find all these uses 😉

  5. definitely a russian thing! haha!

    i only drink smirnoff ice when i’m with a certain friend of mine, ’cause she looooooves it! so it’s a thing she and i have 🙂

  6. I think we might actually have a mutual friend who preys on those poor bastards 😉

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