So we’re to pay..

For you screwing up..? Hmpf, so went and got my exam assignment in machine-aided translation today which went pretty okay.. Looked at it for about an hour over breakfast, drawing up the basic framework and stuff. Went home and started writing, put in a good four pages or so..

Then got an email from a secretary at uni saying that hey, since you were supposed to hand in your assignments on the 5th and it being a public holiday, we’ve moved your due date to the 4th which will incidentally also be the day you can pick up your next assignment! What the hell.. You can’t just change the deal like that.. Especially not on the day we pick up our stuff!

Hmm.. Now the good news is that it won’t probably take me an entire week to finish the thing. The bad news, obviously is that I won’t be able to put exactly as much time as I’d liked into it, and also it might seriously affect those of my fellow students who were planning on needing the time – some of whom have already been screwed enough by this exam schedule!

Lastly, I call bullshit on this one! First off, if they’re gonna shift our hand in dates, especially if after the assignment has already been handed out, it should in no way affect us in a negative way, that’s just not fair.. Not to us, nor to the guidelines of our studies.

Secondly, this is not even a proper holiday. It’s what we in Denmark refer to as half a holiday.. See, we have way too many holidays as it is so some of them have been designated half-holidays, meaning you work half the day (usually till noon) then go home. We’re to hand in at noon, what’s the problem? Apparently they’re making a full holiday out of it.. I just don’t really get that seeing as as far as I know, they did that with the last half-holiday.. So shouldn’t next Tuesday be a full day for them?

And finally.. June 5th is Constitution Day.. It’s been like that for a hundred plus years now.. Not like it could really surprise them that it was coming up.. Why not just plan ahead? Jeebus!

We’ll see what comes of it, I suppose. At any rate I shot an email back asking if this could really be true and what the big idea was screwing us like that.. I know Anne, Zascha and Tina did the same. I hope more have picked up on that. It’s really not fair treating us like that, I think that save from this semester, the university has treated us pretty well.. But this is just wrong! Screwing people on their finals.. For shame!


2 responses to “So we’re to pay..

  1. see…like i said… holidays are shitty! doesn’t do anybody good. i really hate ’em!

  2. Haha.. Right, yea, never thought I’d have to agree with you on that one, though.. But for this once, I will.

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