Speaking of being spoiled..

Someone must’ve heard me whining about being locked up all on my own and not seeing my friends or anything. At any rate, Tina and Zascha showed just how wonderful they are by suggesting that they either come cook me dinner or that I dropped by Tina on the way to work and have dinner with them. One look at the mess I’ve made of my apartment over the last few days of writing proved that having girls over really wasn’t an option, so I opted to leave early for work and go have dinner at Tina’s.

After not having eaten properly for two or three days, nothing beats a good home cooked meal, let me tell you that much.. So thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve much to be grateful for.  After having been in a bad mood over a missing master copy for a few hours, it also helped that they were both in a pretty ecstatic mood.. As could be expected, they’d spend all day shopping after all.. I hear chicks dig that.. And these chicks in particular.. They were practically tripping over each-other and themselves to tell me what they’d all spend their hard earned cash on.

After dinner I got to get down and dirty a bit, too, as we set off to find some dirt in which to put a miniature rose bush that Tina had bought. As could be expected from someone as mature as Tina and I, we ended up in a swamp, hiding from Zascha.. And as could be expected from me, I got attacked by a rabid horde of mosquitoes.. Stingy little buggers!  But yea, we got some dirt, too.. And I eventually headed off to work which was about as eventful as ever.. We smashed some stuff, got smashed by some stuff, bitched about the people on the night shift, made fun of each-other and all-together pretty much barely managed to stay awake through the night.. Good times!

And now, ladies and gents, I bid thee goodnight!


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