I said what now?

“For the love of God, menstrual blood and sweetness are two words I just don’t want to link! Oh, hi!” were the words with which I managed to make my presence known as we walked down the stairs towards the Uboat.. The comment, naturally, spawned a few weird looks. But then, I hadn’t quite expected was to run into other people on the way down there. But as it happened, we were to run into Mette and a few others on our way down there. Who bore witness to my rather girlish tantrum about Tina’s rather graphic description of her period and the problems which it brought..

Anyways, up until the whole menstrual thing, it’d been a pretty good day: I slept in as I hadn’t really been able to fall asleep until some time past 4 AM, then got up and managed to finish my assignment which is due this Monday.. or Wednesday or whatever, and then spent some time wandering around waiting for my mom to show up. When that didn’t happen, I decided to go to the shopping center with Zascha. We had a good time playing husband and wife, eating lunch and doing some shopping together. She did, however, ditch me when she was going shopping for underwear, apparently fearing what kind of ruckus I would create if surrounded by too much female underwear.. But then, that really was okay with me, gave me a chance to go play at the nearby record store and blow some money on a Johnny Cash CD (what, metalheads dig the classics, too!) and a DVD documentary called “Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey” which I’ve heard good things about.

Zascha finally joined me after shopping for unmentionables and we decided to evacuate the store before any of us blew our budget even more. We eventually went down to her place and spend some time on the lawn in the sun, playing Trivial Pursuit before heading down to Tina’s where we were to prepare dinner for her so that it’d be ready once she got off work. That idea didn’t quite pan out the way we’d planned as we managed to get the minced beef out of Zascha’s fridge and as Chili Con Carne is kinda hard to make sans carne! As a result, I had to walk back and get it and since we didn’t notice the mistake before we got to Tina’s that stunt tore about 30 minutes out of our schedule.

Either way, nothing we could really do about it. At least we had a glass of wine ready for Tina when she came home. I’d donated a bottle of 2005 vintage Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon which I wasn’t too impressed by but thought would make the girls happy and Zascha provided a bottle of Roodeberg, so everybody were happy.. And even more so when the food eventually hit the table at around 8:30.

After dinner a surprisingly long discussion of metal, Metallica and related weirdness broke out between me and Zascha (who is decidedly un-metal) and managed to nearly put Tina to sleep. We did however manage to wake her with a bit of Gorky Park and other quality music. We eventually moved on to have my little menstrual blood-related incident and onwards to the Uboat, an experience which could mostly be described as.. Uhh.. Yawn! People were friendly, though, and we eventually ended up moving on to the English Pub downtown.  Upon arrival there, I definitely felt the effect of lack of sleep, excessive writing on my assignment and the five strong lagers I’d knocked down back to back at the Uboat so after but a single Snakebite and Black, I decided to take the easy way out and walk Tina home before returning to my own bed.

All in all a pretty cozy day/evening which bears repeating


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