Ah, the youngsters of today!

A lot of unplanned stuff happened last night.. Some good, some not so good.. But the more eventful stuff kinda happened when I decided to leave Tina’s at at 2:30-ish..

Come to think of it, I never meant to stay at Tina’s till 2:30 last night, neither did she intend me to.. And I certainly hadn’t really put any thought to walking through the town center last night.. But as it happened, I did happen to stay at Tina’s till about 2:30 and I did have to walk through the town center after Denmark had more or less been declared the losers of our qualifying round match against Sweden following the actions of the before mentioned assclown.

Walking through town on a weekend night when you’re but mildly tipsy yourself is always an interesting experience. Watching drunks behaving or misbehaving is one of those things that can only really be described as similar to those hung over Sunday mornings of watching animal follies on Animal Planet.. Err, which is of course not something I usually do, but your mind works in pretty interesting ways when you’re hung over.

Either way, watching drunks fun.. Talking to drunks less fun! Which is why I was a little apprehensive when some temporarily walking impaired youngster staggered up to me with one of his friends and started chatting me up about this and that. When I told him I hadn’t been around to checking out the town but was merely walking home from visiting a girlfriend, he wasn’t the least bit impressed.

Instead, he demanded I tell him where the party was this evening and what the contents of my backpack were. When I could only tell him that I didn’t know and that my backpack was empty except for an empty wrapper for my lunch and most certainly didn’t contain any beers, he produced some slurred (and rather misplaced) rant about me not talking about his mother that way and how it was owing to fuckers like me that Denmark lost the game earlier.

Sensing where this was going, I walked on and left it to his slightly less impaired friend to talk some sense into him. See, the good thing about being my size is that noone really expects you to stick up for yourself.. Just rolling over and playing dead or walking off seems to do the trick pretty nicely. And of course, it’s good to know that you’re able to help people twice your size boost their ego by telling their tiny counterparts off 😉

Either way, resisting the urge to counter his arguments with a simple “yea, what of your mother, you fucking faggot?!”, I walked on and made my way home to bed without running into any more psycho. All in all a pleasant day and evening involving good food, good wine, good beers, good fun, footie, ice cream, chips, movies, video games and, of course, Eddie Izzard! (whom I would hereby like to declare the funniest man on earth!) – and also, of course, a shitload of weird behavior on mine and Tina’s part.. We really shouldn’t be allowed to be alone together!

EDIT: Forgot the leading paragraph first time around, didn’t it? To quote myself: “Way to go, assclown!”


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