Life is too short for boring industrial wine!

.. A phrase I picked up from a local wine dealer and upon some examination would have to agree with whole heartedly 😀

I don’t know what’s been going on lately, but I’ve definitely developed some expensive habits which don’t quite suit my profession as a full-time student. Zascha’s been pseudo-playfully accusing me of becoming somewhat of a wine snob, but after tasting a few bottles of not entirely inexpensive Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon with her and Tina, I think she might actually be right in her accusations. At any rate, I’ve made a strange habit of searching out less reasonably priced but more complex and intense wines rather than the most bang for the buck kinda stuff I used to go for.. Weird! I really must be getting older!

Now for those worrying that this means I’m not gonna get sloshed all the time and post incoherent follow up rants on here: Worry not! It simply means that I’ve started to subscribe to Christian’s idea of having a few good glasses of wine to go with dinner and then afterwards get hammered on the local piss cheap beer (which strangely enough is only cheap if imported from Germany.. Even if it is pseudo-locally brewed).

So not to worry, the rants are gonna stay.. They might just actually at least for the first two minutes have a posh kinda ring to them, after that it’ll probably be downhill fast!

Maybe this also helps clarify why all those posts about wine and fine spirits suddenly made their way in here. I’m just happy to have found a bunch of people who appreciate my love for the finer things in life 😉


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