Way to go, assclown!

Danes just have a way of making worldwide headlines in all the weirdest and dumbest ways ever. Either we blow up fireworks factories, insult the prophet Muhammad .. Or, as the case was today, create one hell of a controversy during the qualifying rounds of the European Football Championships.

A thriller from the start, our Danish heroes kicked the game against Sweden off by getting behind 0 – 3. In a masterful effort, they actually managed to fight back and tie the score at 3 – 3. Then, in the very last minute Christian Poulsen to make things interesting by sucker punching one of the Swedish players, resulting in a red card for Mr Poulsen and a penalty kick for Sweden.

Red Card

Apparently upset with this ruling, this assclown decides to take the field, take a swing at the referee before eventually being caught up by the Danish players, shown off the field and arrested by the police.



So there you go.. One of the most thrilling footie matches I’ve ever seen turned into utter disaster and spawning disbelief from an entire nation.. Way to go, fucker! The consequences of the whole thing remains to be determined, it seems. The match was never finished, the referee ruled us the losers with a final result of 0 – 3 but evidently UEFA will have the final say in things. Whatever the result, it’s a sad day for Danish football and the consequences will more than likely be severe.

I suppose the above mentioned assclown should’ve thought about that before deciding to take the stage in front of 42,000+ spectators and half the nation watching his face on TV.. I predict someone other than the referee is in for a beating one of these days.


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