Warming up..

I’m telling you, there should be a summer collection for metal heads! Those were my words to Dunkel outside the Uboat this afternoon, and I’m sticking to them! See, it’s been heating up here lately and I, with my usual sensitivity to things going on around me, once again decided not to dress for the occasion, throwing on a pair of blue jeans and the token black t-shirt before heading into this bright, Danish summer day with temperatures approaching 27 degrees centigrade.. Clever boy!

Of course, I hadn’t really been considering spending time in the sun, but the thing was, I was going to uni to make sure that my flash application also worked in the windows version of Flash that we have at school.. And as usual, when I set out to do something, things start going downhill – Fast!

I arrive at uni only to find out that most computer labs are taken up by examinations, I check the list of which software is installed where and find out that Flash should be installed in room 1.72, I head down there to find the door open, the schedule empty and two people in the room talking to each other.. “Hmm, great, no exams in here, I think” and head inside, power up a computer and then recieve one hell of a reprimand from the elderly looking gentleman about them being in the middle of an exam and me having the guts to interrupt when it’s been so clearly marked that this room is booked for an exam.. Oooohkay! So I head out in search of an alternative place to test my stuff.. I find out that the only alternative is room 1.63 which is in use for an exam until 2 PM.

Oh yay, an hour to kill! Either way, I head down to the uboat thinking I can at least find some friendly people there. I end up running into Daphne and talking to her for a while before Dunkel shows up, demanding another beer.. Oh, great.. Rub it in, will  ya? I’m about to kill an hour before doing some serious work and they’re all here, drinking beers and having a blast.. Not fair! Either way, despite my not so heat friendly attire, I end up spending about an hour in the sun talking to Daphne and random passer-bys.. Rather nice, actually.

On my way back to room 1.63, I run into Jesper (another Uboat person) who kindly informs me that that particular lab has been vacant for the past hour.. Well, at least I had a good time with Daphne, and things by now at least couldn’t get much worse? Right? Right?!  Well, as it turns out when I enter the room, boot up the computer and commence the testing.. Nothing works! Well, the “Unexpected format” error prompt does, but that’s hardly a good thing in this context. As it turns out, my version of Flash (CS3 for the Mac) is in no way compatible with the MX2004 stuff they’re using at school.. And since Cs3 doesn’t allow for exporting of files in previous formats.. Well, you guessed it, I got to have fun spending a few hours redoing my application from scratch..

But I am happy to report, though, that the frustrating hours I spend getting the damn thing to work in the first place meant I had a pretty good grasp of how things were to be done and actually managed to transfter the whole thing in just a few hours. With a little help from Christian, I even managed to get the weird Danish special characters used in my application to show up correctly – I’ll spare you the rant about how much Windows itself, windows applications and character encodings suck 😉

So there you go, the story of how what I thought was gonna be another pretty laid back day turned into another rather stressful day.. At least now all that’s left is to go to work for a few hours. Oh and to return a favor for Tina who’s always come through for me and picked me up from work when needed. I apparently get to walk her home today as her car is indeed quite busted after our little road trip and I don’t much fancy my girls wandering around town on their own on weekend nights.. Ah and yes, don’t worry, I’ve brought beer!


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