Zascha, marry that music man!!!

Alright, this joke is so internal that it’s probably only funny to two people in this entire world.. Nonetheless, Dave Grohl cracks me up, Almost Famous is an awesome movie and I can’t not post this!

Dave Grohl performing Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer”:


4 responses to “Zascha, marry that music man!!!

  1. I don’t like him! and what is happening with the gum?!
    Almost Famous is indeed an awesome movie!

  2. Aww, come on 😉 I like him.. At least his Foo Fighters stuff.. And you’ve gotta admit, his covers are pretty hilarious..

    Or well, if you don’t like this one, you’re prolly not gonna enjoy his cover of Zeppelin’s Stairway.. I’ll spare you the post 😉

  3. Ohhh, I’m loving it! 😉 that was soo great – almost thought you’d forgotten about me duringm y “vacation” in Juelsminde… I’ll definitely marry him, but maybe it’s small problem that I haven’t met him… hmmm… don’t know, maybe it’s just me 😉

  4. More like missed you, probably 😉 It’s honestly quite weird with you not around.. Get back here, ya hear?

    It’s obviously just you.. Whatever happened to being open minded.. Err.. I mean.. Well, yea, there is that small thing!

    Glad you understood and appreciated the joke, I was literally laughing my ass off when I discovered this gem last night!

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