You’ll never walk alone!

Today was the day that Tina had her final oral exam, in fact today was the day she had to “defend” her BA project. It pretty much goes without saying that I was there to offer whatever moral support and weirdness I had to offer. Unfortunately, her exam was at 9:30, so lil’ ol’ Johan had to get up early for a while.. Which actually proved to be less of a problem than I’d imagined.

Tina, by the way, did exceptionally well, scoring a 9 on her assignment and a 9 on her oral presentation, getting moved to tears when receiving her grades and even managing to move something in this cold old heart of mine.. Not fair in front of so many people, I might add! But anyways, I’m proud of my lil’ girl! 🙂

Anne, too, was defending her assignment that day and of course we all also remained as moral support for her.. Not like she really needed us, scoring a 10 for her assignment and an 11 for her presentation. I’d still like to think we helped some, though 😉 Afterwards, Tina and I spend an hour or so, fighting the photocopier at uni, playing with feeding errors, misprints, general slowness and what have you in an attempt to copy some 400 pages for Tina’s next exam.. Really, they need to do something about these things, 400 copies takes forever at a couple of copies a minute!

Anyways, following the copying adventure, we followed Anne and her family (who’d shown up for moral support as well) to a café downtown for lunch.. We ended up getting downright awesome chili burgers with a pint of Newcastle Brown Ale on the side (in your face, Christian!) .. Or well, actually, I ended up getting nearly a a burger and a half as poor, little Tina has a very limited stomach capacity and we couldn’t well risk her getting sick or anything.. Mmm.. Girlie leftovers! Anyways, good times. Anne’s mother ended up taking the bill as well which was unexpected and unbelievably nice of her considering all of us students were pretty much thinking that we had just ruined ourselves buying lunch.

To further celebrate, we went and picked up Louise, Jakob and Jesper and went down to the English Pub (You’ll Never Walk Alone) for a few beers. This, too, got too expensive for us after a while and we really wanted to move on, so Anne, Tina and I went and got a sixpack at the supermarket and ended up sitting on a quiet place by the brook, chatting, drinking beer and laughing our asses off for a few hours before we decided to go blow even more money.

We ended up at some place called Tex-Mex Chili House which I would wholeheartedly recommend avoiding at any cost! I’ve seen some pretty bad service in my life and some pretty bad food as well, but never in my life have I paid money for something this mediocre.. First off, I probably should’ve been warned by the Tex-Mex label. Aside from the tortilla chips, the salsa and the cumin , this had nothing to do with Mexican food! Granted, the girls liked their starter, but my nachos were honestly the most tasteless thing I’ve ever had.. And let’s not even go into details about the main courses which were literally inedible! Tina’s was burned to fuck, a problem I didn’t have, but nevertheless I did end up eating only about a third of mine, biting a few times into my very un-burrito like burrito and not even touching the rice.. Which were drenched in something which more than anything resembled chutney(?) and were also covered in curry!! Curry? WTF, Mexican rice are called Red rice for a reason, namely because one of the main ingredients are tomatoes and spices.. Not f’ing curry.. I’d go to an Indian restaurant for curry, thanks very much!

The fact that our waitress took little to no interest in us, not even caring to require about the quality of our food, eventually ended up with a bitchy attitude towards us for some reason and not even managed to add 169 and 40 without a calculator didn’t really help improve matters.. Okay, sorry, long rant, but I was honestly disappointed! Never setting foot at that place again!

After an expensive and less that thrilling experience, we ended up spending even more money on renting “Children Of Men” which we watched at Tina’s while eating ice cream to compensate for our lack of main course. I don’t think we really picked the right day for watching it, not as far as I’m concerned anyways – as I felt more like dying from a heat stroke than actually watching the movie. Shame, really, as it seemed quite awesome in my warped little mind. I’d love to watch it again sometime.

We eventually decided to call it quits and take a short walk around town before I eventually went home to catch a much desired shower and a rest on the couch. Will be BBQ’ing and drinking beers with Christian tomorrow.. Should be good times! Best get some rest!


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