Return of the Zascha!

Whoa.. Sleepy!

Handed in our Interactive Media, flash thingy yesterday and decided to celebrate with a BBQ party.. Christian and I hadn’t seen each other for quite a while, so we both showed up prepared; Christian came bearing a ten pack of beer and I had my fridge stocked with whatever I had left. We ended up spending the day on a lawn by the lake with Anne and Tina, drinking beers, eating ice cream and cherries and goofing about, playing ball and attracting attention from various passer-bys.

When we got later into the afternoon, the girls went to get veggies for dinner while Christian and I went to my place to pick up my spare supply of beer then went and picked up some nice cuts of meat and some sausages for the ensuing barbecue party.. And a few extra beers just for show!

We ended up on the lawn at Tina’s hosting a medium sized BBQ party which also included Louise and her boyfriend Carsten.. And ZASCHA(!) who had finally arrived back from her vacation thingy in Juelsminde. The whole thing went extraordinarily well considering that we were grilling most ingredients on a bed of tinfoil placed directly upon the coals.. No major burns to report this time around!

After dinner, Christian, Anne, Zascha and I somehow managed to get ourselves pretty happy faced in an effort to consume the remaining alcohol and eventually decided to move on to the English Pub as to give Tina (who still has an exam to worry about) a chance to get some peace and quiet. At the pub, Christian and I decided to act as proper gentlemen (or L’Hommes Gentle-eerrrhhhhh as they say in France) and buy the ladies a round which was thankfully enjoyed by all. We couldn’t stay long, though, as we had arrived right before last call and were pretty soon ushered into the streets in the  friendliest manner possible.

Now, Anne had to be at work the next morning, so we walked her to her train before Christian, Zascha and I walked back to Zascha’s place and popped open a bottle of wine and settled down to spend the night talking about random weirdness and various personal issues.. Good times.

Needless to say, I kicked off the day today with a light hangover and an unbelievable lack of energy.. Which was just great as Zascha and I had decided to work on our BA presentation today! As a matter of fact, we did manage to get quite a lot of work done quite fast and ended up taking the most of the day off to go shopping downtown, drink coffee, eat melons for lunch.. Ohh, and dear Zascha took me out for dinner, too, so once again I ended up with a free meal.. Well, probably not entirely free as I’ll be buying next time, but still.. Incidentally, I subconsciously decided to thank her for her kindness by kicking her over her bare foot on our subsequent evening walk.. Yes, I’m sweet like that! Apparently, Zascha now thinks I owe her an even better dinner in return.. Tsk, women!


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