Another brick in the wall

I hate a lot of things! One of the things I hate more than usually today, is a company called Imperial Dax! In case you don’t know, Imperial Dax produces the (in)famous Dax hair wax and do a really crappy job of packing and shipping said wax. Today is the day they decided to ship two pallets each containing some 336 boxes of hair wax while I was at work, and in compliance with my friend Murphy’s law, everything that could go wrong did go wrong! One pallet arrived toppled over, leaning against the back door of the trailer, meaning that someone with a small frame (i.e. me!) had to crawl through a small opening and hand each of the 336 boxes back to Remi and Lars who would then restack and repack them.. Yes, I did count them.. And in case you’re wondering, 336 dozen equals 4032 cans of wax.. I’m mildly autistic like that!

I barely even had time to write Emelie and complain about restacking 4032 cans of Dax Wax before disaster struck, and I was able to write her a follow up message saying simply “Make that 8064!” As it happens, Lars and Remi had managed, while moving the second pallet of boxes, to knock over the incredibly unstable leaning tower of waxness, dumping odd brick shaped packages of wax all over the floor of another trailer. Severely pissed off, we got hold of an empty transport cage and started restacking and repacking once more. In an effort to make things a little more fun, Lars and I took to singing songs off Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” while building row upon row of boxes. We eventually formed a working pattern where Lars would throw the boxes to Remi and I who would then stack them. This worked rather well, had it not been for the fact that Lars has horrible timing and shitty aim, meaning that one of his passes eventually became too fast for my hands and sent the box on a collision course with my groin. Incidentally right then my boss came walking by and was less than impressed to find me laying on the floor of the trailer rather than doing my job of stacking boxes.. Hey not like I was really enjoying myself either!

We eventually finished and went on break, an activity which has pretty much come to mean the informal end of our working day. Our work load has really dropped considerably and we’re all pretty much just looking for an excuse to still hang around at work. I fear that the pink slips aren’t far away, but hey.. Such is life. I suppose there are other jobs out there. Shame, though, if nothing else, I really enjoyed the hours.


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