So much for staying at home

Well, I had this great idea of staying at home, working on my BA presentation and minding my own business today. It worked great, too, up to a point! I actually read through our assignment and did some adjusting on my part of the presentation. I then realized that I had an old version of our assignment and decided that I couldn’t really do much more on my own.

At this point, I could of course have gotten started on my oral defense of my machine-aided translation assignment, but then, I’m not really sure yet where to go on that and I don’t really feel to comfortable planning two presentations at once so I still don’t really know how to deal with this one.. Eh! So, instead I opted to go visit my friends Kenneth and Majbrit. They’re really down in the dumps lately because one of their cats, Samson, has been diagnosed with a malicious tumor and is pending surgery – I figured I’d go offer whatever moral support I could. We actually had a pretty good time, and Kenneth even informed me that he might be able to get us a good price on a couple of bottles of Ron Zacapa (aka THE best rum in the world) which is downright impossible to get a hold of in Denmark.. Our only problem now seems to be that his contact for the stuff is in Dubai, so a bit of creative rum running will probably be in order.

Anyways, while I was there, I got an SMS from Zascha inviting me over for dinner which once again clashed with my plans of minding my own business.. But then, who am I to turn down a dinner invitation from a pretty, young blonde? We ended up eating dinner, sipping a good Chardonnay and watching Le Mans which, according to who you ask, is either just a bunch of cars going around in circles, or the greatest motorsports event of the year.. There were even some attempts of teaching me proper French, but we won’t go into details about that! Our evening ended at the Student House where some people had been trying for hours to drag us down there, it wasn’t much of a ball, though, so we just sat around talked for a while, spoke a little with Tommy about future plans and then headed off to get Zascha back to her precious racing and me back to my bed..

Got this crazy idea of getting up early in the morning and then actually getting some work done.. One way or the other! One week left, better start acting like you mean business, Johan!


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