Candlelight, death metal and oatmeal..

Yes, a weird combination, I know! But I’m burning midnight oil again and I think that my idea of late night coziness differs a bit from that of normal people.. Either way, candles are always nice, I’ve been madly in love with Mercenary (Danish melodic death metal band) lately.. And well, oatmeal was the only snack I could come up with that took no effort to make and wasn’t something I’d had three times already today.

It’s been a surprisingly active day, really. I started out by blowing off some steam from yesterday. Went down to uni and inquired about the status on my student grant application. The lady there assured me that everything was in order and that my application was being processed in much the same way as all the others and to just wait a few days and everything would sort itself out.. Interestingly enough I saw her typing something into the system and hitting the enter key as she had my data up on the screen and interestingly enough, upon checking the status of my application online five minutes later, I discovered it has miraculously moved on in the system at that very minute.. But then, I’m sure that’s the normal procedure for every application!

I’ve also actually read our assignment, prepared some notes, met up with Zascha regarding the presentation and actually done some studying.. Wow! I even plan to keep up the good work tomorrow and get even more work done. I’m sick and tired of the whole thing, but I keep telling myself that it will all be over in a week.. Can’t wait!

Speaking of a week from now, I’ve been giving some thought to what I wanna do for dinner this Friday to celebrate our BA.. Which was a bit of a pain.. I wanted something that was reasonably cheap while at the same time reasonably fancy and something that could be made in advance as I have absolutely no intention of spending large parts of my Friday cooking when there’s beers to be had! Figured I’d go for Mexican food as that would be a reasonably inexpensive choice if I opt to make the salsa, Pico de Gallo and Guacamole myself (having spent time in SoCal mingling with Hispanics comes in handy here) .. Then probably serve up some nachos (not Mexican, I know, but sooo good!), some Mexican rice, vegetarian quasedillas for the vegetarian and some burritos or enchiladas for the rest of us.. Sounds like a plan to me anyways.. Most of that could be cooked in advance so I’d only have to spend like an hour or so on the day getting everything done.

What else has been going on? Well, in true Johan-fashion, I met up with Tina at 11 PM to deliver a couple of computers to the Student House (Thanks to the University of Southern Denmark for their kind donation) and then spend what should’ve only been an hour at her place before walking  home at 1:15 AM carring a bunch of dishes and what not that I’d left behind at her place over the past few weeks, months, whatever.. Yes, people stare when you come walking through the town at crap AM, packing a couple of oven proof dishes and a bath towel!

Eiiither way, it’s probably time for bed after all!


3 responses to “Candlelight, death metal and oatmeal..

  1. mexican food sounds delicious. mmmm 😉
    it’s been ages since i last had some oatmeal though…hmm.

  2. Oatmeal gooood! Or well, cheap and edible.. 😉 A true student’s favorite!

  3. well.. then I might not be a true student. hehe!

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