It’s not often you find yourself hung over at 11:30 PM on the day after a binge.. But then again, it’s not often you score 11 on your BA assignment and another 11 on the presentation.. Which is exactly when Zascha and I did yesterday! Granted, I had a feeling things would go well.. I never really expected it to go this well. Neither did Zascha, apparently, as she spend all morning and early afternoon being oh so nervous – poor girl!

Emelie had made the trip over to offer her moral support and party with us afterwards and Christian, too, was there to offer a few much needed laughs and giggles.. All in all, it made for one of the least stressing exams I’ve ever had. It was actually almost as funny as our infamous exam with Mr. Gaylord last semester.

After a well done deed, Jakob bought us a beer at the Uboat and Christian and I decided to chase it with a beer of our own. The girls then went to buy some stuff at the shopping center whereas Christian and I walked back to my place to chill a bottle of gin, sample an awesome bottle of Armagnac and  a quite likable bottle of rum. As I think I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I had prepared pretty much all the food in advance, so Christian and I had a good chance to get nicely liquored up before the girls arrived.. Which we of course did.

By the time Tina, Tine, Zascha and Emelie had all arrived, and the food was heating up, we were well into the dry martinis and I was definitely starting to feel things working (apologies are in order for Tine who I managed to spill coffee all over!) Having prepared the food in advance really paid off here, or I probably wouldn’t have received so many compliments for my cooking skills 😉 But as it happened, I had prepared things in advance and apparently both my nachos, salsa and guac were well received, so were my slow cooked carne asada enchiladas and my vegetarian quasedillas.. So, I was a happy monkey, I love when people enjoy my cooking.

I’d bought a couple of bottles of Romanian Pinot Noir for dinner which were also well received along with some French blush stuff that Zascha had bought. Needless to say, we were all soon rather happy faced, singing along to whatever music I could find – and throwing up the horns to Hotel California, as Christian mentioned, I was probably the only person on the planet who’d do such a thing.. But hey, that’s me! It was around this time, that I decided to split a bottle of French Pinot Noir with Emelie.. A dumbass thing to do, but who am I to tell her no.. She has this convincing manner about her, it really wasn’t my fault!

Aaanyways, we keep the party going at my place till around midnight before moving on to the Uboat. The girls got there by way of a lift from Tine’s boyfriend and Christian and I opted to walk the long, hard road down there.. This is, then, the part of the post where I’d start talking about all the crazy things we did and how we ended up staggering home at way too late (early) in the morning.. But really, I have no fucking clue what happened from this point onwards. Well, I remember arriving at the boat, being happy, talking to Jakob and Christian and some other dude, buying a few people a beer, seeing Dunkel and Iben and the rest of their gang.. That’s about it, though.. As for everything else.. Including the cuts on my hands, Emelies tales of me wearing a towel around my head and Christians tales of attempting to scale a roof.. I’ve no friggin’ clue..

I’m never drinking again.. Not until next weekend!


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