TM? MT? CAT? MAHT? HAMT? … ¿Que?

Evidently the above are abbreviations of Translation Memory, Machine Translation, Computer Assisted Translation, Machine Aiden Human Translation and Human Aided Machine Translation, respectively.. And are just a couple of the weird terms currently stuck in my head..

After a day of serious hangovers, I’ve actually started on seriously reading up on my machine aided translation exam come Tuesday.. Which incidentally will also be my last exam! So, come Tuesday I’ll have a university degree (if all goes well, that is). Friday, then, is graduation.. And then that’s it.. VACATION, BABY! 😀

Can’t friggin’ wait!! Well, I’m not too thrilled about the final exam, but I’m sure it’ll all go somewhat well.. Riiight?


3 responses to “TM? MT? CAT? MAHT? HAMT? … ¿Que?

  1. I know it will! 🙂

  2. Haha.. Thanks! I hope you’re right 😉

  3. I am! Trust me 😉

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