In other weird news: Stoned Jamaicans, Benoit homicide, Kobayashi jaw injury

It’s been a couple of weird days with a bunch of weird news:

First off, Danish dance hall phenomena, Natasja, passed away earlier this week during a trip to Jamaica. Apparently she was involved in a car accident where the driver was apparently either stoned, drunk or both.. Jamaicans? Stoned and drunk? Well, there’s something new.. Okay, in all honesty, there’s nothing funny about death, and I’m sorry for the loss that people may be feeling.

Also, today, news got to me that last weekend pro wrestler, Chris Benoit, apparently was involved in a double homicide/suicide in which he first killed his wife and son by asphyxiation, then committed suicide by hanging.. The media are apparently citing roid rage as a possible reason for this horrible deed.. But, uhh, I’m sorry.. If you kill your wife on Friday, wrap her in a towel, move on to smother your 7 year old, handicapped son the next day, place Holy Bibles next to both bodies – then proceed to hang yourself in the basement, I’d say you’re suffering from something far worse that roid rage.. Say a fucking mental disorder!!

In less surprising news, Mads is drunk on a half bottle of Jäger and a six-pack of stout. He did, however pass on this rather amusing story about Japanese champion hot dog eater, Takeru Kobayashi being unable to compete on July 4th due to a case of severe jaw injury


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