I am bachelor, hear me roar!

Apologies for not posting any updates in the past few days.. I just so happened to run off for a while and didn’t have time to post warnings before doing so..

See, Friday was graduation which went really well. Christian arrived alone, Emelie showed up for all of us, I’d brought my mom along, Morten had both his parents tere.. Whereas Zascha and Tina had both brought more or less their entire families! 😉 Kidding, really, if I didn’t have two more years here, I’d prolly have brought some more people myself. The graduation itself was a pretty formal thing with music, singing, handing over of diplomas and speeches… Including a couple of more or less improvised speeches from Stefan and I. See, there was this point on the agenda labeled open mic and we both sorta had the idea that “If nobody else will, fuck it, I’ll do it!” Stefan ended up giving a beautiful speech thanking in particular Ole, our English professor, and I supplemented him by talking about the use of the F-word in our education and a general sense of belonging. In the end, Louise, in her own poetic way, took it home by drawing a few comparisons to birds and bees. Well, birds, really!

After stuttering and shaking our way through our improvised little deals, we were treated to a couple of complementary glasses of wine, some fruit, chocolates and other fancy stuff and had a chance to talk, mingle, introduce our parents to each other and what not.. My mom was especially happy to take part in this part of the ordeal and subsequently once again went on to spend most of the evening telling me exactly how wonderful my girls are.. As if I didn’t know alreday, mom, but thanks for noticing!

Yea, so as could be deducted from reading the paragraph above, I spend the evening with my mom. We went home to her place and I cooked her dinner rather than her taking me out as she’d offered. I know she’s in pretty dire financial straits, so I figured that’d be the best way of doing it.. And I really didn’t feel like spending half the evening listening to her apologizing for not doing things well enough for me, so I decided to do things myself, that way I were to blame if things went wrong.. Not her.. Incidentally, things didn’t go wrong at all.. Well, except for me smashing one of the martini glasses, she’d gotten me as part of my graduation present.. Which only really served to hurt myself since I went and got the money refunded on them the next day.. We eventually ended up sitting up till 2:30 AM, talking about the usual depressing subjects and drinking red wine.. Which made it a bit hard to get up at 9 AM the next day.. But I managed nonetheless! I had a train to catch after all..

So after a hectic morning, I boarded the 11:30 train to Nyborg to see my dad and his family who also wanted to congratulate me on a job well done. Since I hadn’t had time to go home and change, I arrived wearing my suit from the day before which earned me a few weird looks upon arrival.. Either way, they were happy to see me, extremely impressed to see my diploma and grades and presented me with an awesome graduation present. My dad had apparently heard a rumor that I often enjoyed cooking for quite a few of my friends, so he’d bought me a 30 CM (6 liter) Ragout Pan from Tefal’s Jamie Oliver series.. With lid and all, stating that the only stipulation was that that I assured that I’d keep practicing and improving as well as making sure that my friends got a decent meal every once in a while.. I will, Dad!

My dad also came up with some cryptic explanation about me having forgotten to bring pocket money for the trip, and as a result handed me DKK 1,000 which left me completely baffled.. I’m not used to being spoiled, damnit! Either way, being the responsible adult I am, I kept half of it to myself and invested the other half in a bottle of 23 year old Ron Zacapa.. A move my father wholeheartedly agreed with and appreciated – on the condition that I NEVER EVER revealed to his wife, Birthe, the exact cost of such a bottle. Hopefully I can somehow intercept the courier making the delivery here on Tuesday so she won’t have to worry too much.

Other than that, it’s been a life in complete luxory over the past few days.. Presents, good eats, wine.. My dad and Birthe had to leave me to myself for the evening last night, so they gave me money for food (which were spend on awesome Chinese takeout) and also left me to chose whatever bottle I wanted from my dad’s wine cellar.. I ended up spending the evening on the couch, reading a good book and sipping an awesome 2002 South African Reserva while nibbling on rye crackers and quality cheeses.. Life on earth is good! And if that isn’t enough, we’re apparently having a luxury dinner (cooked by father and son) tonight to further celebrate my exams.. Geeze, I vaguely recall saying something about how I wanted to start eating more healthily now that exams were over..

On a totally unrelated side note, I was featured on wordpress.com’s list of growing blogs and on their lists of top posts yesterday.. That’s mildly insane.. I never thought something like that would happen to little, ol’ me!


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