Ricky Gervais is my new hero!

So, my dad and I ended up watching quite a bit of the Concert for Diana show last night.. I was surprised by how good most of it was, actually.. And was quite amused when my dad, inspired by a few glasses of red wine, started yelling for Joss Stone to get off the stage and for them to bring back Status Quo – or maybe just put Meat Loaf on instead.. On a side note, both of us were immensely pleased when she made way for Roger Hodgson’s Supertramp medley, though.. I’ve never liked Joss Stone either.

Probably the funniest part of the evening for me came when Ricky Gervais and Mackenzie Crook took the stage and performed “Free Love Freeway”, a reference which was completely lost on my dad.. And probably everybody else who’s never watched “The Office”   I was pretty much in tears from the ensuing laughing fit, though. Things got even more interesting when a technical problem caused the show to get delayed and saw Ricky Gervais’ set extended from 10 minutes to something like 15 minutes in order to buy time. The extra five minutes saw a visibly frustrated Gervais delivering both a rather bizarre rendition of a David Bowie song and the “David Brent dance”, before finally declaring “This is a shambles.. Yes, I swore, I don’t care!” .. I’ve seen a lot of odd things in my life, but Ricky Gervais dancing center stage on Wembley Stadium in front of millions and millions of people worldwide beat a most of them!

The stage was finally handed off to Elton John who performed an awesome rendition of “Tiny Dancer” which, naturally, had both Zascha and I raving simultaneously to each other over  SM.. We really have been married for too long.

My dad and I eventually decided to top off the evening’s countless performances by watching Queen’s legendary Live from Wembley Stadium DVD, meaning that we both got to bed at somewhere around 2 AM after rocking out for a solid two hours with a couple of cold brews in hand.. I’m starting to see who I get my fascination of rock music from!


2 responses to “Ricky Gervais is my new hero!

  1. Ricky is also my new hero along with Tina Fey. Glad to know someone else in the blogosphere feels the same. You can check me out at my blog, where I talk about all-thing-comedy. Nice coming across the mutual hero worship at your blog!

  2. Thanks for dropping by! And the kind words 🙂 I don’t generally run into a lot of Ricky fan-boys and girls so like you say, it’s nice to know that there are other like-minded people out there.

    Will definitely have a look at your blog. I’m a huge comedy fan. The world needs more laughs!

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