A blast from the past.. Old-school fun at Dunkel’s

Friday – Bring the NOISE!

Friday didn’t really pan out the way I’d expected, but in this case that was a good thing! Seeing as I thought I was going to be working, but when I found out that I wasn’t after all, I ended up calling up Dunkel and posing the ancient question: “Beer?” after an afirmative “Aye!” I was on my way down there.. Upon arrival I was surprised to see that GALE Mads had also shown up and that Dunkel and him were in the process of eating fried fish and drinking Jäger(?) .. Great, I though, and went to get beer!

After cautiously sipping beer and jäger for a while, Einar, Penny, Robert and one of Robert’s friends also showed up and things got under way! Dunkel had a 4.5 liter bottle of Vodka standing around which was about 1/4 full and it was decided that the only reasonable thing to do was to mix it with sprite and Bols Blue to create a giant mixed drink which could be enjoyed by all. The end result was an overly blue, somewhat vile but pleasantly intoxicating drink which really grew on you after the second and third glass.

This potent cocktail soon did it’s job, and rowdiness ensued; Both Penny and I were really excited about seeing Metallica this Friday and both Robert and his friend were huge Metallica fans, so the Metallica music started blasting – Both Dunkel and Robert’s friend knew a few songs, so they quickly plugged Dunkel’s guitars into his amp and started hammering away with the rest of us supplying the vocals. I’ve really no clue about the exact noise level of this party activity, but my best guess is “fucking loud!”

After this rowdiness and some more drinking, my mind and body eventually decided it was time to go home which led to a long-ass walk as my stomach wanted pizza so I had to drag myself all the way through town before finally being able to crash in my bed, take care of a few drunken phone calls to and from Paris before eventually achieving a state of shut-eye at around 6 AM.

Saturday – Exit Sleep, Enter Iben

I woke the next morning at around 11 AM, dragging myself to the couch and turning on the TV thinking I’d catch some of the Live Earth show while nursing my hangover. I didn’t get too far with that plan before I was rudely interrupted. In fact, I only got to witness a mediocre performance by Linkin Park before Iben messaged me, asking my help with moving some stuff out of her old apartment.  As everybody knows, I can’t say no to a girl so naturally I went along and showed up to help. Hey, I’d like to think others would have done the same for me. So instead of spending my day on the couch, I spend it with Iben and her dad, moving furniture and all sorts of other crap down from her 4th floor apartment into a trailer and off to the dump (or her new apartment, respectively).

Actually, it wasn’t too bad of an activity, it helped take care of the hangover, gave me some much needed exercise.. And as the old saying goes: You work hard, you play hard! After a few hours of hard work, I went to do some shopping, then home for a shower then back to Iben’s new place to have dinner with her, Mads and Dunkel.. Good times! After a nice dinner and a few beers, we went back to Dunkel’s place and picked up where we left the night before. We had picked up Robert for the ride and had Ulrik and Einar waiting for us there. Penny also soon arrived and things went crazy.. For some reason there was a lot of techno and a lot of dancing  that night – I’m sure no one really knows why. There was also a lot of teaching Einar to headbang (with funny video evidence to show), a lot of beating Mads up and piling up on him and quite a lot of spanking poor Iben.. Why she puts up with us, I’ll never know 😉 All in all a pretty super evening which culminated in watching Monty Python skits at about 5 AM before dragging our beaten bodies to their respective resting place.

Sunday – and on the seventh day, Johan cooked dinner

You’d think after a weekend of partying, I’d take it slow and sleep in.. But nooo, no.. After another night of 5 hours of interrupted sleep, I got up again at noon-ish and started doing dishes, cleaning and cooking (which is surprisingly hard with a slight hangover). See, I’d invited Emelie over for dinner as we’d agreed that it’d been far too long since we’d had a cozy evening together with good food and good wine, so I’d had to get everything lined up. As it turned out, though, the poor girl was sick with a throat infection so I decided to skip on the DKK 100 bottle of wine and just stick with dinner. Luckily, as it happened, the food went down well without the wine.

After dinner, we hung out, watch TV for a while and gulped down a hell of a lot of tea.. Both of us having sore throats and all. We eventually decided that some fresh air would probably do us good and that Emelie needed to be walked home before she passed out on my couch. Yes, I probably should have forced her to crash on my couch, but before anyone lynches me, I’d just like to say that the air actually did her good and that it got our mouths running for the first time that evening so we had a good, lengthy deep talk on the rather lengthy walk.. So all was well.. And I slept like a baby that night, cashing in some 10 hours of lost sleep… Mmm!


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