Getting a little crowded in here?

Wow, apparently you young kids of today like that rock ‘n’ roll music. At any rate, I’ve experienced a mad surge in popularity over the past weeks.. So I figured it was time for a bit of public service.

I get a lot of questions and comments from people who love keeping up with my life but just can’t keep up with all the girls in my life.. Or they boys in my life for that matter and have asked for a quick run-down on Who’s Who in Johanland.. With the surge of new visitors who may be even more confused, I thought it was about time to get around to it.

So here you go! I created a new Who’s Who page containing a short description of the most frequently mentioned people on this blog.. Hopefully that helps a little.. It should be considered a work in progress page as I’m not feeling well today and therefor not feeling particularly creative either..

Anyways, enjoy!


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