Anger, extreme metal, beers, and how Tina saved the day!

For the last couple of days I’ve been feeling not only sickies, but also kinda hostile.. The sickies part I can understand, it’s probably owing to someone (say Johan) feeding me something I couldn’t really stand.. The hostility part.. Well, I don’t really know.. I haven’t really had a reason to be upset with anybody, yet I’ve been feeling kinda anti-social and upset with humanity as a whole for the past few days..

As a result I’ve spent my days at home lately, listening to Pantera, Slayer, Hatebreed and other angry bands, doing a bit of headbanging on my own and labeling it therapy.. Tina would have none of that, though! Upon hearing I wasn’t feeling well, she started trying to drag me into some social event she’d planned with Jakob and Jesper that evening.. When that didn’t work, she more or less dropped whatever she had going on to drop by my place if only for a few minutes to give me a hug, a smile and a tiny surprise; a few small bags of Skittles she brought home from France (they’re not available here and for some reason she’d picked up that I like them).. Well, babe, I know you’re reading this, so thank you so much for saving my day, much love!

Right, enough of the sappy stuff.. So anyways.. Tina dropped by, handed me my surprise and kept trying to talk me into going out with her, Jakob and Jesper that night.. I didn’t really bite as I was still busy hating the world and everything, so she went on her way and I went on my self-loathing, brooding way.. After a few hours of doing that and after cooking up some comfort food (Mmmm.. Cheese burgers, caramelized onions and home fries for the win!), Tina’s boyfriend, Jakob, also started messaging me up, asking me to come hang out with them and have a few beers.. Needless to say, eventually I was hard pressed to say no!

So eventually I did show up downtown, wearing my usual uniform of black band shirt, blue jeans, black boots and a frown to match.. I’m glad I did, though.. Despite spending a lot of time ranting and raving and being bitter about this or that, Tina refused to let me play the brooding and self-loathing part for very long.. Damnit, my heavy metal spirit just wasn’t built to withstand huggles and nuzzles.. Bah! Either way, she soon had me in a much better mood… And the beers helped as well!

The four of us ended up spending the night together, ending up at a nice, little bar, drinking cheap beers and having a ball.. Jakob and Tina eventually got.. hungry.. and left Jesper and I to fend for ourselves which meant enjoying another couple of beers before having a good old talk about this and that before staggering semi-intoxicatedly home at 2 AM Thursday morning.. Wow.. It’s Thursday now? That means Metallica is tomorrow.. WOOT!


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