Eek! Snails!

It seems there’s a thunderstorm passing overhead with rain to boot, so while I’m stuck here anyways waiting to see whether my apartment will flood or not, I might as well post an update.

So, today featured a meeting at the Student House to check up on various projects.. ’twas good to see people again and some progress was made on some areas. It seems that upon finishing the liquor license paper work, our next project will be building a stage for bands to perform on.. Which should take place next Friday as far as I recall.. Hopefully that’ll be fun in one way or the other.. I’ve been made executive in charge of food, drinks, band aids and holding/carrying stuff.. A very trusted and important position, I reckon.

After the meeting, Zascha and I got the great idea that we should go grab a quick lunch at her place and then head to a budget restaurant for dinner. (The attentive reader will know that I owe her one!) After eating lunch and finding out that the restaurant in question did not offer their 25% off Early Birdy discount on Sundays, it was decided to settle for dinner at home instead, so off I went to the supermarket instead to buy some stuff.. The end result wasn’t really restaurant fare, but it was good, wholesome and (probably more importantly) healthy food.. Which went down well with a glass of KWV Chardonnay.. Ladies, we need to go to Germany soon, we’re running out of beer and wine and daddy needs a new pair of shoes.. Err.. bottles of rum.

After dinner, we took one of our infamous evening walks which took us near and far and involved rather questionable behavior such as imitating carrier pigeons, swinging on a rope from a branch and hurling rocks at supposedly e-coli infected snails.. Yea, being naturally fucked up and then having a few glasses of wine apparently doesn’t mix well with evening walks.. But we had a blast! We eventually ended up walking for over an hour, making it as far as McDonald’s where we figured we’d but an ice cream from Tina. A plan which was rudely interrupted when we saw Tina passing us in her car on our way there. Evidently Tina finished her shift at 9 PM, a fact which a certain blonde had temporarily forgotten. Either way, Tina turned back and instead of just buying Zascha an ice cream, I ended up buying both of them an ice cream 😉

In return, Tina gave us a ride back.. Where, after much yelling, pinching, shoving, kicking and screaming, it was decided that I should take the back seat. And so I did, and was promptly delivered to Zascha’s door step from where I walked home to sit down and enjoy the thunder and lightning.. Things seem to have calmed down now, so hey, maybe I should give that whole sleep thing a go. I hear I need to get up before noon tomorrow 😉


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