You suck, Harry Potter!

Okay, here’s the deal.. I generally don’t go to the movies based on a single principle: In my mind, it’s a total rip-off! I don’t really care how nice and cozy people consider this activity. To me, $12+ for a movie is a total sham, especially when my entrance fee earns me not only a movie but also the right to sit through some 15+ minutes of commercials.. Why is it, again, people in the industry are bitching about not making any money?

Anyways, today I made an exception.. Zascha and I had caught the last Harry Potter movie (Prisoner of Azkaban?) together way back and made a pact to also watch the next in line together.. So what’s a boy to do? Ah well, to not be a total bitch, I should mention that it was actually rather nice to be back.. But I was promptly reminded why I never go: The prices on entertainment are downright ridiculous in Denmark.. DKK 75 for a friggin’ two hour movie? And don’t even get me started on how glad I am I’m not into soft drinks, popcorn or sweets.. That’s a whole other story 😉

The movie? Well, half our party (of Tina, Zascha, Jakob and I) liked it, the other half didn’t.. Most of us thought it could use a lot of improvements and several agreed that the director would probably be best suited directing another genre of movies.. Personally, I thought it pretty much sucked but at least I enjoyed the effects and I actually woke from my slumber during the action scenes near the end.. DKK 75 well spent? Well, I’ll have to say that we had a pretty good time but I’ve only been more firmly rooted in my belief that very few movies these days are worth actually coughing up for when it comes to seeing them on the big screen.. And at least we weren’t treated to lame anti-piracy threats and infomercials this time around!

In other news, I’m actually back on a semi-healthy path again! After way too many weeks of being way too lazy and eating and drinking way too well, I’ve actually managed to improve a little. Like mentioned earlier, Zascha and I went on a nice, long walk yesterday and except for the two glasses of wine actually managed to have a really healthy dinner. The same held true for today where I cooked pre-movie food for the lot of us using nothing but.. Well, vegan ingredients, really.. Which was a bit weird, really, but also surprisingly good, cheap, and healthy, and all that jazz! I actually should use more vegetables in my cooking, especially now that they’re in season and I once again have several people to help me not only eat them, but also pay for them.

And what’s even worse, I actually also went for a run when I finally got home.. For some reason I enjoy running at night.. Especially on hot summer days like this one, and especially when I can watch thunder and lightning on the horizon. (without getting caught in the showers this time, thank you very much!) It’s just such a tranquil feeling.. I suppose I’m weird like that, I’ve always liked the silence and peacefulness of the night.


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