Who books EMOs anyways?

Especially as warm up for Metallica? I’m confused!

Four short clips of the crowd at Wembley showing their.. Well, lack of appreciation for HIM, the emo clowns from Finland..

Disrespectful Conga line, part 1

Disrespectful Conga line, part 2

Same shit, different angle

Indeed it’s fun to stay at the YMCA

Side note: I’m generally not a fan of booing bands.. But what they HELL were they thinking booking HIM as warmup for Metallica?


5 responses to “Who books EMOs anyways?

  1. There’s nothing wrong with EMOs. At least as long as they stay the Hell away from me (maybe 10 feet under the ground in a wooden box would be a good place for them to hide out from the heavy metal crew)! 😀 They should go cut themselves and put on dark make up in another solar system!

  2. To quote Pantera: “Heavy Metal Rules!”

  3. Haha.. Agreed there, my friend!

    Actually, some EMO chick in a HIM t-shirt was giving me the evil eye downtown today.. I got a pretty good kick out of jumping at her and yelling “BOO!”

  4. Ha, ha! Was she even smart enough to understand that you tried to scare her?

    By the way, any news on Aarhus next Tuesday, as we talked about the other night?

  5. Heh.. Well, who knows? Probably! I may have just found my way into the self-loathing diary of a young emo girl.. 😉

    As I told you earlier, I still haven’t gotten my work schedule for the coming weeks so I wouldn’t count on it.

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