Staging It All

Another weekend sans updates.. This time around, I’m more or less excused, though, as I’ve barely even been home except to catch some much needed rest. After spending my Thursday evening with Emelie, and going through a night of somewhat interrupted sleep (she wasn’t kidding, the house she’s house sitting really is rather noisy!), I was more or less disgruntled to have to get up at 8 AM Friday to go help out at the Student House.. But oh well, such was our agreement.

We had a big project going this Friday, we were actually building a permanent stage on the bottom floor – so artists no longer have to improvise when it comes to playing at the House. As much fun as playing the 2nd floor workshop.. Or the bathroom for that matter, I’m sure people will generally appreciate the effort. Anyways, we had Zascha’s dad, who does wood work for a living, come help us out with setting things up, so who were we to be picky about scheduling? We (Zascha, her dad, Tina and I) showed up as agreed, got the lights on, the gear set up and within about two hours, we had a fancy, new stage. Yup, two hours is just about the amount of time that it took us.. Well, Zascha’s dad mostly, to set up the entire thing.

I’d like to make a bunch of wild claims about how much I helped out and what not, but truth be told, I mostly just did my best to stay out of the way of the pros and let the people who actually knew what they were doing have a go at things. I did help carry some stuff, though, and I took care of getting sodas and beers for the working crew. Zascha and Tina even did more work than me in that they helped screw the whole thing together.. While I did my best to stay out of harm’s way. I was interested to heart that Zascha has apparently been telling her dad a lot about my often creative ways of getting hurt or in trouble.. As a result, I spend most of the morning with three people hovering over me, making sure that I didn’t hurt myself in one way or the other.. Well, thanks very much!

Rikke had arrived at around 10-ish and at around lunch time, Martin and Jesper also showed up.. This was great because not only did we now have people around to help sand down, sweep and paint the scene, but I also had a couple of people to drink beers with.. So after lunch, we gathered up all our paint gear which had been scattered throughout the house, rounded up a few beers, some cans of black paint and got going. We painted the whole thing as fast as we could and then, figuring that watching paint dry probably was about as funny as it sounded, gathered a few chairs and benches, a bunch of sodas and beers and went out into our sunny little court yard for a few beers and happy moments while leaving the paint to dry for itself.

It took longer for the paint to dry than we’d expected so rather than giving it a second coat of paint, we opted to just stay outside and have fun.. It was all nice and summery out there after all. Eventually we gave up entirely on the second coat, ordered up a bunch of pizzas and got a decent party started. We were by now starting to feel the effects of drinking since noon and a lot of weirdness ensued.. The night saw its fair share of weird conversations, crazy pictures and shenanigans.. At one point, we even saw a mad chase around the entire building as Martin and I decided to play keep away with Rikke’s last couple of cigarettes.. Apparently you shouldn’t mess around too much with smokers.. Not with their smokes anyways. Other weirdness included Martin, Jesper and I taking place in front of one of the large windows facing the streets and having a good old time making faces or just staring and waving at the people passing by.. You’d have to have been there to appreciate, but we had a good old drunken time and a few good laughs.

After an unmentionable amount of beers, half a bottle of licorice shots, two bottles of wine and some sparkly stuff, the majority decided to hit the town.. I, along with Rikke, opted to stay back and close things off properly.. We eventually forfeited the battle at around 2 AM (I think) and went home after spending some 15 happy hours at the house.

Needless to say, today (Saturday) was plagued by hangovers, sleepiness and a general feeling of.. Ick! After waking up at way past noon and making a trip to the Student House to clean up the worst of the mess from last night, I went and got a double bacon cheese burger and a bunch of fries which I took home and enjoyed on the couch before passing out for an hour or so. When I woke once again, I watched a bit of the Tour De France (not really too sure why!), then went on off to help Emelie with her preparations for tonight’s dinner.

See, Tina and I were lucky enough to be treated to an amazing three course vegetarian dinner which left me full and happy and pretty much unable to move.. I don’t know why, but I’ve been on a vegetarian kick lately, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since I was actually a vegetarian myself back in 03-04.. Probably it’s some unconscious response to the utterly unhealthy turn my living and eating habits have taken over the past few weeks 😉 Anyways, Emelie should cook for me more!

The remainder of the evening was spend hanging out, watching tv and talking.. We went a bit nostalgic and watched Beverly Hills Cop 2 for the umphteenth time in our lives and had a few good laughs. Poor Tina went home about an hour into the movie as she was wrecked from the night before and had to get up early for work tomorrow.. Which left just Emelie and I to fend for ourselves.. We had fun watching the movie, talking, channel surfing a bit.. She actually schooled me a bit on Kiss which was admittedly a bit weird.. I never thought I’d have a girl teach me about rock or hard rock, and I certainly never expected that girl to be Emelie! We ended up stumbling upon some obscure tv station which apparently had a Springsteen theme going, so we rounded off the night with a fair bit of Bruce Springsteen live performances before I eventually dragged myself home at around midnight.

So yea, suppose I’ll be going to bed soon.. Couldn’t well round off the night without a glass of wine, a bit of blogging and Judas Priest playing in the background.. I think my taste in music are heading in all sorts of weird directions.


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  1. note: I’m not a smoker 😛

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