And I feel I’m growing older..

26 six years ago today, on the hour, Johan first saw the light of day.. Or so I’ve been told, anyways, I don’t quite recall the details of the event. Apparently set off to do battle with Mr. Murphy and his law from day one, I spend the first few minutes in the world struggling to breathe – the apparent lack of oxygen to the brain probably serves to explain some of the crazy behavior which I display even to this day.

So, yea, anyways.. As the intelligent reader will gather from the above, today is my birthday.. My 26th birthday, to be exact. I’ve officially left the comfort zone of being in my early 20’s and am now tumbling downhill towards 30.. In all honesty, I’m not too sure how to feel about it. In the past, I’ve notoriously hated my birthdays. But, as I think I mentioned on this blog around this time last year, I now have so much to be thankful for and so many great friends to help share my joy that I’m loosing up a bit to the whole birthday celebration kinda thing.

That’s still not to say that I feel good about turning 26.. I know people keep telling me that you’re only as old as you feel and that I shouldn’t complain.. But really.. Having passed 25 and going strong towards 30.. I’m really starting to consider the fact that I’m no longer quite as young as I could be.. A thought which can, admittedly, be a little discomforting at times 😉

Anyways, just wanted to rant a bit about growing ever older.. And also wanted to apologize for not keeping up with updates for the past few days.. It seems preparations, celebrations and the likes have gotten in the way of keeping the blog updated. I’ll be back with an update about my wild adventures over the weekend in the coming days.


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