It’s not so bad at all..

I think the trick to getting older is to realize that you’re not really growing a year older on your birthday, you’re merely growing a single day older.. Neglecting of course to acknowledge the fact that you’re growing a year older over the course of the one year span between your birthdays..

Uh, anyways, I had a good old time on my birthday this year. My dad and paternal grandma forgot about me again this year.. Nothing new, it still hurts, kinda. But I think this year I’ve grown to appreciate the people around me who do remember and want to join me in celebrating my growing increasingly older.. On a positive note, this year I received a bunch of greetings from people I’d never even expected to hear from. Stuff like that really warms my heart!

So, how’d I spend my day? Well, I got up at crap (8) AM in the morning after a cozy evening with Tina who was there to offer a beer and a hug at the stroke of midnight. I then went to my mom’s for a nice three course lunch with her, my maternal grandmother and my uncle.. After spending about four hours there, I went home to prepare for the evening.. I’ve never ever been a big fan of birthdays and knew that I only felt like having a few select friends around; namely Christian, Emelie, Tina and Zascha (Morten sadly couldn’t make it) .. They probably know me better than anybody and would be able to deal with any weirdness on my behalf.

I’m happy to report that for the first time ever, I only managed to conjure up about 2 minutes of bad feelings on my birthday and as such we had an awesome evening. I’d promised to cook them up a bunch of Mexican food which sadly didn’t turn out as good as the first time I treated them to it.. But ah well, who cares? I’d like to think it was still pretty good. I’d been kinda stressed out during the preparations anyways.. It’ll be better next time, guys, I swear.. I hope.. I pray..Umm..

Anyways, the guys had done up a really personal and touching card for me and furthermore splashed out and blown the budget on an expensive bottle of limited edition Cognac. The whole thing was both thoughtful and touching and I had a hard time keeping a pretty straight face throughout the entire ordeal.. These guys and gals really do spoil me!

After having had dinner, we just kinda sat around and talked for a while. Christian and I spend the evening sampling a bunch of new rums (more on that later), including the Ron Zacapa 23-years which even the girls liked. As so often before, Christian and I were left on our own to take care of the stash of beers, a half bottle of wine and what have you. We had a good old time joking about, discussing back and forth, talking about recent developments and such.. But as it happens, the clock has just struck 2 AM and as I’m now and old man and really have only slept something like a total of six hours this weekend, I think I’ll now bid you goodnight!

More weekend updates to follow!


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