Rum running!

Last night’s rum tasting adventure reminded me, that a lot of crazy events as of late has actually gone unnoticed. First things first, me and Zascha’s road trip gone binge last Thursday:

As always when our stock is starting to run low, Zascha and I start planning one of our infamous trips to Germany. It’s funny how much of a ritual this is starting to become – right down to the ritualistic stop at the gas station to refuel, check the oil and the equally ritualistic scolding of Johan for not having brought a passport. Asides from this, there are certain ethics for behavior, choice of music, driving style and what have you.. Explaining these things to someone who has never experienced Zascha and I on our own would probably prove fruitless, so I won’t waste space going over it.

Suffice to say is that we had a nice low flight.. Err.. Speedy ride down there and arrived in good style to find the first store absolutely packed with people. Not deterred, we moved on, secured a few shopping carts and began an organized attack. Having both a birthday party and a few friends to shop for, we started out by piling 15 cases of beer, a bottle of absinth, six bottles of wine and a case of Red Bull into our carts, then set off to do our own shopping. The end results were somewhat staggering, making for a grand total of some DKK 2,500 between the two of us and two friends.. But that included some pretty good stuff.

I naturally got me a few cases of beers, they always come in handy. Zascha got some every-day wine, a bottle of Kahlua and a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream.. And me, I went crazy? First off, I just had to get a bottle of Cointreau because I absolutely adore orange liqueurs, and I had also heard that they had pretty good prices on rum in Germany, so I just had to go a little crazy.

Firstly, I wanted something to make a good Mojito – I’ve heard from various sources that the Havana Club 3 Years is the more authentic choice, so I opted for a liter for DKK 120, a pretty good bargain and the resulting Mojitos were epic! At least I thought so.

Secondly, Christian and I have been fascinated by the El Dorado 12 years for some time now. Naturally, we were intrigued to try the 15 years version, having heard that it was if possible even better than its younger brother. So into the basket it went – and boy were we not disappointed when we finally got to try it: A hint of smoke(?) as compared to the 12 years old and a little more burn, but considerably more character and complexity in the smell as well as in the taste.

Last but not least, I stumbled upon the ridiculously low priced Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva, a 15 year old rum made using the solera process priced at just around DKK 200.. I just had to get me some of that! As it turns out, that was as a wise decision. As it was much appreciated even of overshadowed a bit by the awesomeness of the El Dorado.

Ah, but I’m sidetracking! Just wanted to mention my new babies! 😉 Either way, with glowing Visas, a full car and full stomachs (Mmm.. Junk food lunches!) we made our merry way back towards the Danish border, singing merrily as we went and poking fun of various heavily packed Swedish station wagons we passed on the way.

We arrived back some 42 minutes after having passed the border and having only nearly died once. After a bit of unloading things out of Zascha’s car and into Tina’s, we went to Zascha’s place to relax for a bit, cook up some dinner, share a good bottle of Roodeberg Red Wine that I had purchased for the occasion. During our after dinner talk, the Roodeberg was somehow supplemented by another bottle of Red Wine out of Zascha’s stash and while we were at it, we also decided to make a couple of B-52’s, a drink consisting of layered parts of Cointreau, Bailey’s and Kahlua, which Zascha has been unable to stop talking about since returning back from her trip to France. As it turns out, carefully layering ingredients into a small shots glass after about a bottle of wine is a little more difficult than it seems so the first result wasn’t too pretty.

Not to worry, at least it gave us a chance to try again, with a bit more success the second time around. We were by now getting rather happy faced and talking open-heartedly about various things (as we have a habit of doing), another bottle of wine was opened (as if we hadn’t already had enough) and the talk went on for a few more hours until the room started spinning uncontrollably for half of the parties involved and I thought it better to return to my own place and let Zascha get some sleep. On the way out, I talked her out of doing her dishes that night and eventually walked my way home where I had a not very needed Mojito to sleep on.. Coz, you know.. Nothing like waking up with a hangover on the day of your birthday party.


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